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Hawaiian Story Time #1 in Podcasts

We are honored to have MaiLe Firehawk share her native Hawaiian culture. She shares tales of Hawaiian values of spirit, mind and body.

MaiLe Firehawk

MaiLe Firehawk

Aloha, everyone… yes! Hawaiian Storytelling is back! Lehua, Storyteller is now Maile, Storyteller. And that is its own story. But, never mind, come one, come all. There will be an old favorite, some newly discovered stories, maybe a chant or two. And some very special guests. Legends, real life, poetry. Let’s have a grand reunion. E hele mai … Come on over. A hui hou (’til we meet again) 🙂

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Podcast music provided by Magnatune: Enchanted Wind, Suzanne Teng

Enjoy friends,

Dragon Intuitive

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