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Life is an unsolved riddle only to the degree that you haven’t yet realized yourself to be the answer.

Healing Instinct to Swear in Profane


The instinct to swear, the drive to dis-inhibit the heart and instincts from the oppressive filters and projections of the mind, is fundamental, necessary for our well being.

Studies have shown that a picture of a guy just holding a guitar is more attractive to women than the same guy without it. And a guy with a mild scowl, perhaps strangely, is more attractive than a guy with a silly grin. It’s the relaxed grin that expresses charisma. The mild scowl expresses seriousness. Mild perhaps non threatening aggression, assertiveness.┬áThe human animal has its own social system. The so called thinking human paints for itself another. We make up ways of behaving that tend ultimately to crumble.

I will try smiling and scowling at the same time. Incongruity is the worst signal. Loki tended to get lucky in only the most embarrassing ways.

It’s not actually hard to get a handle on the power of the oath, the power of promise, same thing. It’s the power of desire. How would you behave if you weren’t constantly “reality checking” everything that catches your attention? Would you really fail if you didn’t constantly fact check everything you experience? Put another way, let’s look at the charismatics shall we? The braggarts? Do they care much for the little details involved in what’s going on around them?

Probably not. Where is their attention mostly?

Themselves. Specifically their feeling state. They feel good tonight and they are in the mood for a little action. They don’t entertain the notion that they have to do anything stupid to get what they want, that’s too hard and too much bother. There are easier ways; smooth talk, selective eye contact, gentle casual touching, even a little sympathy. Let everyone get more comfortable. It’s more fun that way.

This sort of behaviour comes quite naturally to me, but I don’t generally do it. My appetites run deeper than that sort of exchange and are harder to satisfy, but everyone is comfortable with the human animal, the equivalent of the preening cat that rubs up against your legs and meows with just a touch of emotion, enough to make your heart melt. Can everyone relate to this? Or the cute little dog that is so happy to see you, approaching your feet and rolling over in submission, not trying to manipulate you, no thinking going on. It isn’t complex or abstract.

Maybe I should put if bluntly. Regularly saying “fuck it” to that long drawn out thought process, that strain you feel when you think you really have to learn something from whatever is paining you, and it does indeed pain you, is healing. If you can say that, the release of tension clears the mind, frees ones instinctive or intuitive sensitivity, and can often make that thing that troubled you so much make more sense, or at least help you get a more reasonable sense of how urgent it really is. How many of our troubles honestly have to be urgently dealt with in any given moment?


Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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