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From the stillness all things arise in their perfected forms. What causes things to degrade is an accumulated static. Noise kills.

Hold of the Demiurge in Demiurge


The Demiurge has manifested in many ways, many guises, Loki, Ahriman, Iblis, the being of “smokeless” fire who refused Allah’s edict to serve man. It’s a very long list. Horus. He is the eye in the sky and the maker of rules, to use some lines from a song.  “I’m the eye in the sky looking at you, I can read your mind, I’m the maker of rules dealing with fools, I can cheat you blind, I don’t need to see any more to know that I can read your mind.”, Eye in the Sky, Alan Parsons Project. That would be the words of the Demiurge and while we stay in “normal” reality, it’s all very true. I myself despise the consensus we live in.

Does the Demiurge fit in the God/Satan picture? It does, and here is where things get really twisted. We can thank the papal bull of I think it was 950, a meeting of the clerical hierarchy who got together to decide what was cannon and what apocrypha. The serpent was not the adversary and never did it behave that way. It was the advocate. It was encouraging man to claim for themselves wisdom and the power of decision, free will.

In old Kabalistic texts they say that the Messiah was Son of Man, and dwelled not in his fathers house, the Demiurge, but his mothers, the Shekinah, a.k.a. Sophia, a.k.a. Lilith. The one who would first have guided mans genetic ancestry, but Adam was very much the Demiurges creature and would not permit Lilith prominence in sexual union so that failed. Lilith instead being painted as being a whore and evil. Supposedly the whore of Babylon. Babylon being the unity of man.

Later, those known as the Watchers, children of the “others” whom the Demiurge forbade man to acknowledge, came into the world. At first seeming merely as forces of nature, pillars of flame and such. They came to incarnate and take human wives and from that union were born the Nephilim, men and women of renown. But the account was written by those who rejected anything other than their own doctrine. It’s still in our genes of course despite floods or the black plague. If anything the human genome project shows it to be stronger. It’s dismissed as a predilection toward “schizophrenic” phenomenon.

So we are all part angel? Yes we are, and thus things like precognition are rather common though accidental mostly. Have any of you heard of Swedenborg? A catholic reformist, psychic and scientist? He said (and there is evidence to support) that the previous apocalyptic prophecies were already fulfilled. The old world ended with the Messiah whose purpose it was to fulfill the law, who routinely argued with the priest kings. When presented with a legal action, stoning the harlot, he was presented with the way of the Demiurge that they had kept, who in time was crucified again by the powers that be.

The Messiah broke the Demiurges hold? Yes he did, thus we are not condemned unto spiritual death which happens while our flesh yet lives.

So he was Prometheus 2.0, in a manner of speaking? Basically yes, the first in the Jewish system was known as Adam Kadmon, perfect man who feel and became flesh. Who was chained to flesh to become food for a vulture. Supposedly Ahriman is known as Lord of Lies for a reason, and Christianity would go on to form an empire throwing down the faith established by Zoroaster such as it was. The same Magi who came to offer fealty to the Messiah would go on to be ritually murdered by his supposed followers.

As a favourite comedian Bill Hicks comments, when someone comes along and says “It’s just a ride“, we kill them. We don’t like drama, but act in drama. We are very well conditioned and we don’t like drama for a reason. This is the Demiurges influence. Sex isn’t evil, nor is self interest.

Not liking drama would be the serpents influence? Yes, that dislike for drama was the serpents influence. When Jesus spoke to the adversary he wasn’t being tempted with knowledge or divinity. He was tempted with empire, dominion, control.

‘Save them all’? Yes, if “God is Lord, God is King“ were true, then did God tempt Jesus? The later divine right of kings that lead to the dark ages, hmm, this was God’s will? The crusades? The burning of those with the gift of the Nephilim (the children born of the angels and humanity) which was also the gift of the Magi?

That would be fear’s influence? Yes, in some old texts and in some points in the Bible, the Cabalist defies the Demiurge, turns away a divine plague, etc, and the Demiurges response? “Oh, it’s good you did that, I didn’t want it to happen anyway.” I believe it was Ezekiel being told to sacrifice his son, then being told “Nah, never mind“. And of course the origin of the Cabalah itself. At first Moses was inspired to go to the mountain. He saw the burning bush and was given a teaching. He was psyched to write it down, but when he came back to his people he saw them engaging in something he judged unworthy. So after punishing them he goes back into the mountain and does not see the burning bush, but supposedly communes with God and comes back with commandments.

Supposedly? Are you saying the commandments may have been from a different source? Yes. People still follow the golden rule. Those who have the gold make the rules, and the American bill says in God we trust, and they do.

Now that I think about it, the commandments would match the Demiurge more then God, very controlling. Yes.

All those tantrums of God in the old testament, were those actually the Demiurge? Yes, they were. The Christ itself doesn’t throw tantrums.

Everyone is worshiping the Demiurge and not God? Yes, and usually the Demiurge in the guise of their pastor, lol, televangelists anyone? Even the pyramid eye, I refer back to the song “Eye in the Sky”.

This eye is also a Masonic symbol and Baphomet is in Mason’s rite too. Is it about the Demiurge? Yup, a.k.a. Mannon of the skull and bones society.

Would it be the great architect? Yes, notice not the great spirit, not Ruach, not the light. The architect, the shaper.

The creator of the matrix? Yes, exactly. It’s why we have that splinter in our minds, and why things like Tantrism exist.

What is the Demiurge getting out of it? What’s the point aside from throwing a tantrum and trying to win ‘the game’? The life’s breath. The chi gets linked into its matrixing. As you pray “Oh God, don’t let me die”, well, that’s plenty of energy. The more people are asleep the more powerful it is, just like the matrix movie.

What does God think of all this, pissed off at all? He is being misrepresented? Everything serves the Tao. The Demiurge is royally pissed off. We have a few more years, then the return of the “feathered” serpent. It’s said; “And the beast will go about roaring like a lion, seeking whom he may devour“, and yet Orthodox Christians use the lion of Judah as a symbol of the Messiah?

Isn’t the Demiurge aware that it’s a part of the whole? Oh wait, the Demiurge created the ‘part’. Yes, created the separation, and the elements will run like wax. Our science is splitting atoms, and there will be a new heaven and a new earth. We both have genetic engineering and the potential for space travel. Quantum physics, is it a wave or a particle?

You said that all of these rules apply to ‘normal’ life, the eye in the sky control stuff. What constitutes as ‘other than normal’ life? As for non normal life, trusting your instincts, your intuition, using your power of creativity, for both yourself and to share with all your relations. No system. Not being another brick in the wall. You can have your pudding without eating your fish. As a matter of fact, this industrial toxicity is just a delay on the human evolutionary jump, no mercury for me thank you.

We already have that non normal stuff? Yes, we do already have the non normal stuff and can have more. It’s just a choice. It’s just a ride.

The Demiurge is getting pushed out of his seat? Yes. When you see the Buddha on the road kill him. It is the secret to knowing Buddha. The Buddha won’t declare themselves. You won’t be killing anyone. The Demiurge says it knows. It is said of the sage in Taoism, the sage knows that they see, and doesn’t see that they know. Demiurge doesn’t know nirvana.

They say the depths call to the depths, do you feel called?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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