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It seems that life gets more hectic every day. Sometimes, a busy schedule can be used as an excuse not to live a Zen life. Perhaps you’ve made that excuse yourself. Face it, you’ve got a demanding job, friends, family, and let’s not forget society applying daily pressure to do it all and to be the best while doing it. With all that being said, it is up to you to commit to living a Zen life even with a hectic schedule.

Speaking of that hectic schedule, maybe it’s time to cut back. While you certainly have important tasks to complete on a daily basis, not all tasks are created equally. Some simply aren’t as important or do not have the urgency that you might instill in them.

Take a moment and really determine what your goals are, for the day, for the week, and perhaps even for the month. Once you determine your goals, take a good look at your list of activities. Be honest with yourself and eliminate any that do not help you reach your goals.

By eliminating unnecessary tasks, it frees up the time in your hectic life to truly accomplish what is important. You might be thinking that if you do less, you will be less productive. Studies have shown it is just the opposite. By focusing on one goal or activity at a time, a person is actually more productive and their quality of work increases.

This increased quality and productivity comes from being in the moment and fully connected to the task at hand. When you’re not thinking about the other ten things you need to do today or the cookies you need to bake tomorrow for work, then you are truly focused on the task at hand. Also, when you eliminate the unnecessary tasks, you’ll find your schedule is no longer quite so hectic.

Another benefit of staying in the moment and not worrying about tomorrow or next week, is that it gives you a deeper sense of calm. When you’re focused on one activity at a time and truly engaged within that activity, it pushes worry and anxiety away. You’ll also discover a greater sense of self and accomplishment as your productivity and quality increase. Staying in the moment, focusing on one task at a time, and enjoying that task will only lead to better self-esteem and a brighter outlook on life. As you have eliminated unnecessary tasks, you have more time to spend on the important ones, which relieves stress and worry.

Give yourself the gift of time. Take a month and practice reducing your hectic schedule, doing one activity at a time, focusing totally on that activity and you will find yourself a happier, more productive, and less stressed person.

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