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To affirm life is to respect its cycles. You can offer no disrespect to the departed by living vibrantly.

Identify Inherit Worth in Fortune


There is fortune going around. In one form it’s called money, and money has existed since well before what we understand as the modern form. In fact, the early offerings made to the gods were typically exchanged as a form of currency. One god likes potatoes but you don’t grow any potatoes so instead you trade for them. This was the basis of cowry shell currency.

What made people think gods needed offerings in the first place? Because they believed that gods were more like humans at one point and less abstract.

Some “gods” came here looking for gold. Yes. They were creative, but they needed support to remain so.

Also the food chain. Everything is something’s food. Yes. Humans believed they had to maintain the cycle, and that is the next part of today’s fortune topic.

We all know people who seem to encounter serious misfortune, perhaps on a chronic basis. They might even be lucky, find money frequently, or place that phone call into the radio station at the right time, and do so repeatedly. They have good luck perhaps, maybe working out some good karma, but their attitudes and interests for some reason seem to lack merit. They don’t really understand the worth of the events that happen to them. They don’t see the web of fortune, and they don’t see the wyrd for all the luck they may have. It’s also called the web of power or spirit, merit or virtue.

Is it unreasonable to say that we can identify things in life that have inherent worth? The air we breathe, the waters on the earth and beneath the earth as well as in the seas, the suns light and warmth. Well, there are even more subtle things that have the same degree of worth though we don’t think of them as having substance. That’s perhaps one of the big blinders, expecting value to be material.

The feeling that makes us tend to a lost child or take in a stray animal. That unspeakable sense that makes us take a deep satisfaction in fostering life in a garden patch say, or donating money to wildlife conservation. Are these really any different than those more physical things? They result in energy being spent and change occurring. It’s even been proven in neuropsychiatry that we will seek things that give us an inherent sense of reward, that make us feel good directly over anything that may have some abstract reward to offer in some external context. We will seek friendship over money. This is why people try to “buy” friends, even buy love.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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