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Vanity arises when you believe beauty is a moral or social virtue. True virtue needs no classification.

Ignorance is Sleep in Cognitive Analysis and Materialism


The brain can read more in its own make-up than science is giving it credit for. It seeks more than just to be content with a social paradigm, a consistent consensus reality, and it moves us sometimes not just to learn something new, but to reconnect with the original drive that brought it into its conscious state in the first place. The consensus is a useful dream, but the brain wants to be awake. This is why we have the conviction that there is indeed a reality, and why some scientists at serious risk of professional censure range into insights and observations that more or less run counter to mainstream science.

We know that there is a way that we are supposed to be, a state of mind or being that is supposed to be our natural matured state, and this force of nature will force a course correction from time to time, or at least try, and it feels like we are losing our minds while at the same time we feel very far from being lost or disoriented. We just don’t recognize the system of meaning we are supposed to buy into around us.

Now for convenience and comfort sake, we often willingly submerge back into that sleep state. It’s much easier and parts of it are even rather pleasant, especially if you classify in the right way and don’t fail to receive the social “franchise.” Just as a franchise owners license can be yanked for defying corporate policy, our social franchise gets withdrawn for ignoring the habits / trends / preferences of consensus reality, with the odd exception of someone who hits upon something that even the consensus can perceive as being vital.

If we ignore it, we’re controlled by it? Indeed. Ignorance is sleep, and sleep can be very blissful. You just rehearse the program that was input through your senses during the day, and life winds up seeming like the Henry the Eighth song, if you are familiar with it, or more contemporarily that song “I’ve got my mind set on you”, which has no other lyrics, well very few other.

I’ve noticed that those who don’t know the latest trends are often the ones who are very rigid in their thinking. They’re proud that they block them out. Yes, and that’s bad. It shuts down the awakening consciousness just as surely as going along with the program does. The rebel is a slave. If your only notion is to resist programming you will still obey that programming, and shore up other people’s perception of the desirability of sticking with the program. With mindful contact, you can not only avoid being programmed, you can come to read the programming language.

It is best to see them and be aware you see them. Seek and investigate them knowingly. By understanding the constructs and what “command” they carry, you can hack the social situation you are in.

We’ll see why they put that color in the advertisement for example, and I expect our brain will then react differently than it did when they were doing the fMRI scans on people. We can inhibit any reaction that might arise in our brains rather freely. So even if we do not have “free will”, we do have free won’t, and through a deliberate deconstructionist view of the world, you can recombine the code in such a way as to better enable that self-actualization drive at the core of your consciousness.

I’ve found it becomes very entertaining to see all the attempts to manipulate me in signs, colors, labels, etc. I like using that stuff to manipulate myself.

How so? Rearranging it to have better “feng shui.” You will have a reaction to everything you see and hear and smell anyway. Touch isn’t even its own sense. It’s an amalgam of a few others.

Taking the last coke from the shelf? Indeed. That’s one of my favorite things to do, otherwise I often ignore it.

What senses make up touch? Your internal sense, pain/hunger and the rest, and your sense of balance.

Sight? Yes, even sight influences your sense of touch.

If it looks rough that impacts you. They can set up a perceptual illusion that makes it look like they are pricking your finger when in fact they are poking a dummy hand. You still flinch and report a phantom sensation “as if” you had been poked with that needle.

This must be how magicians make you feel fire on your hand when it isn’t there, for example. Yes, that voodoo doll trick you may have seen on stage. They are hacking your brains natural reflexes, reflexive reactions.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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