There are no coincidences. The line of cause and affect may be very abstract, but it is there.

Informational Flow in Illusion


Attention is the record player and the needle, and the record itself is the hologram of existence that presents itself to our possible attention, a vast field of information that our attention drags over through the course of our day.

Now we do have free will? We are the hand that governs that needle on the record player, and mostly we hold that needle rigidly still. What would happen if you held the needle on a record player in a fixed path as the record played on?

Skip. Random sounds. You’d only hear one rotation. A repeat. They say history repeats itself. Why is that?

Human nature. Human will.

Infinite loops, like Escher? Exactly. This leads to a very distorted picture of reality.

Animals move slowly on the holographic record of information our material reality plays out over. They don’t have any conception of why they should rush or that there is any state to get to, so they move with the informational flow according to their respective natures like a grand harmonious dance. Humanity thinks to itself that there is a state to achieve, some perfect state that can be arrived at and for some reason would need to be preserved. So human attention seeks viciously to either find the ideal thing, or find the problems or flaws that explain why they don’t find the ideal thing.

Why does humanity feel that? They feel that because they arrive at a false sense of identity, a mirage of thought that obscures the true field of consciousness we could operate from.

What humanity feels is a yearn for freedom, isn’t it? What they feel is a yearning for expression, all the while confining that very potential for expression.

That has been the force between the changes in our society, sexual freedom, mini-skirts, gay marriage, and whatever more. It’s like yearning for something we have never experienced, yet, we know it exists. The sexuality does grab a great deal of our attention, but so do the eyes.

It’s been said that we cannot solve a problem in the same state of mind that we become aware of it in. We create our perception of our world, its virtues and its flaws, not because these things are fundamentally true of reality, but because our attention triggers on this set of things based on information we are carrying in our being. So we try to solve the problem but keep the same track of attention. Can this possibly succeed? Can you live in peace with your neighbour while keeping your attention focused on those things you perceive with them that disturb you?

I must to survive. To allow the survival of the universe. This is thought to be the truth.

It’s fine to give the problems attention, to acknowledge them, maybe even work on them, but then you have to pass through it or you will not live in peace. Ah, it’s fine to give problems attention for a moment, yes. You must recognize that you perceive a problem, but if you work on the problem you discover the reason the problem occurred, which is no reason, and you learn nothing. What if your attention instead went to reasons your neighbour was an acceptable fact of reality?

When you take anything apart you wind up with a vast expanse of nothing. This is true of anything perceived, but, there is no problem outside of your attention, and your attention is yours to direct or leave undirected.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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