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We are, each of us, worthy. Equally worthy. We all exist because nature wanted a “you”.

Innocence in Awareness in Comfort


You know the healing power of a baby!? It is big! Yes. Babies are examples of human nature in its pure form. Taoism says this. Buddhism says this though less bluntly. Many of the pagan faiths have the divine child symbolism which was also taken up by Christianity, and many see the “Christ child” as Christianity’s most sacred symbol. The child is praised for being “at rest” as if this is the first greatest holiness of spirit. Tell me, did he know any rest after?

Do we call that innocence? We refer to the passion of the Christ for a reason. He did not shun passions, and we call rest innocence, but it is not innocence. The Christ Childs innocence was in his awareness. The lucidity of his behaviour and his reaction to seeing and hearing.  This is innocence. The child hasn’t said, “I like seeing that.” “I don’t like hearing that.”  They see and hear, and express without impurity. No mixed motivation. The Christ child is in you, and he is the comforter. The Buddha is in you, and he isn’t correcting you or giving you any orders. Your relationship to peace is one you chose, or were taught, but if you have any moment of lucidity then what is to blame if you know no peace?

You learn? Yes, and you can learn or just see that weird hiccup as coincidence or not real. We can know peace, but it’s not in shunning anything about who we are or about our comfort or distress. The Buddha didn’t say that pleasure is evil or a source of suffering. He said attachment is. With attachment you are busy holding still. When you sit down to meditate you are holding still and being still, but after you do need to stop meditating. If you are devoted to a God or philosophy or ideal, this is potentially a very good thing, and you will be the best servant if you allow yourself to realize you are still here.

During meditation I think it is more a case of becoming aware of still than of holding still? I was referring more to the method. People mistake the method for the goal very often, and they mistake a goal for a virtue. They mistake processes for self and don’t see the hand they have. You are never without comfort even in distress if you see rightly your own being. Right identification in yoga is seen as the utmost goal. To know “SELF” and not self.

It’s common in our western learning to see it that way. You learn maths and after that you can calculate, and history, and arts, and all those. This is true, but more important than any learning is being in contact with the being in you that had the power of learning. If you do that, you can own your learning instead of being attached to it. Fail to do that, and you do not own your learning. Your learning owns you and will not be served by your learning. You will serve it, and your learning doesn’t care for your self expression or your souls well being, does it? There is a self to know, but it can’t be “known” because there is no static end to be achieved. It’s a living connection.

We are that self, and we can experience the life of that greater self in this world.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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