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We are not free of darker feelings and views just because we espouse a spiritual view or lifestyle.

Is Ignorance Bliss? in Ignorance


Is ignorance in any way bliss? Recognition of human nature and acceptance of it is bliss. Ignorance is like our mental fingerprint, we all have one and the pattern is different for each person. Knowing this, and allowing for it in your judgements, can lead to a genuinely blissful state.

Knowing you have hands is not as useful as putting those hands to work on your personally chosen purposes. Knowing you have mental limits is not as useful as knowing that they give form to your awareness and thought, and then exploring with acceptance of this truth.

I know that I am not “getting” everything, and because I know this I know there is always more space for me to explore, in my mind and in the world.

A closing thought. The term “absolution” was used to refer to the ignorance of the weight of sin, and any use of the word absolute has that link to ignorance. We don’t need to consider everything about reality, but we will gain from considering the impact of our own pattern of ignorance.

Power? It’s the reason absolute power corrupts absolutely. In a sense, absolute power is absolute ignorance. An empty headed solipsism. To be the one absolute power, you have to be the only reality. If this is true for anyone, well… I will wish them luck with that.

The Catholic church had absolute power. Their influence on educational history has been huge, if a bit distorted now.

Even medicine and science. Doctors were originally clergy or approved laypersons. This was why they were men. Nostradamus was a doctor, as well as an astrologer and diviner. He was a devout Catholic as far as that went. Authoritarian regimes have been the height of institutionalized hypocrisy.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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