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Life is too short for doubt. Whatever you doubt you either really want to do it, or you don’t. So do or don’t, and move on I say.

Limiting Ideas in Limitless


The observer is an individual. The observer has an apparent center, and it has an absolute center. Its absolute center is in fact that very thing. The absolute, omnipresent, throughout time and space.

Now your relative center has seemed to change throughout your life. The youthful you and the adult you. Perhaps now what you perceive to be the aging you.

Will my apparent center shift if my axis changes? Indeed, yes. You have many axis points and seeming states of polarization. But all these states, that seem to define that extent beyond which you supposedly do not exist, exert a pull on your innermost being. This is why time seems to march on, and why no one seems to remain stable in the way we often think they should.

That pull is motivation for living? The force of living itself, really. The concept of self is necessary. It is real. The self arises as a still point in the interplay of all of life’s greater forces. These ultimate powers could be called Gods if you like, or archetypes, or natural forces, and they can seem as meaningless or meaningful as suits your individual tastes, I guess. But if you prefer the meaningless choice, then I will ask. Why are you capable of coherent thought?

Sometimes I’m not capable of coherent thought. That realization itself belies the statement.

There is an old saying. There but for the grace of God go I. Ask not for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee. Oh, the list goes on. Even the concept of, “It is not God’s will.” “God works in mysterious ways.” All these give hints and human ideas of transcendence, but do they suggest that it’s actually possible?

They seem to be more about helping people accept that they can’t. Yes. Very limiting ideas. Even the idea that you should just let go of seeking to understand is itself defeating and not very helpful. I have always found it insulting to be honest. Why are people so invested in this attitude?

It is one of the biggest frustrations with most religions. It is an easy way out? It removes accountability? Does reality seem to agree with the human notion of non-accountability?

If God is inside of us, then it is our will. It’s Gods will to have the world at war? I think that is humans will. We caused all the chaos not God. Human wilfulness. Humans actually understand true will very poorly, substituting wilfulness. It is sort of like preferring Stephen Colbert’s truthiness over the truth.

In reality, cause and effect would imply accountability. However, then there is the issue that sometimes shit happens. It happens quite often. Shit happening is a rule.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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