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Want to be great? Want to be a marvellous success? Be willing to be an utter failure, and realize that neither is you. You are powerful beyond measure. Fearing making mistakes is also fearing miracles.

Lived Values in Focus


Choose wisely what you focus. Where we were mistaken before in our choices was in identification. Believing that causes in our lives are “out there.” Subscribing to the delusion that there can be any such thing as external causes.

Law of manifestation. Be careful what you wish for (or rather focus on) you might just get it. No question. You will get it, but it does raise another question. Why don’t people get their fantasies?

  • They sabotage their focus.
  • They don’t keep it in focus.
  • Because they don’t believe those fantasies can be real.
  • Because there is an issue of mass agreement.
  • They may think subconsciously they don’t deserve.

All true, in a way. It’s rather much like gravity, and there are two reasons why we don’t all get our fantasies. One is just the very natural tendency to extend our focus beyond a single object, quite natural. You can’t avoid doing that. So your focus has seemingly conflicting things in it, but that’s not the single explanation. The other is that you have values you may believe you don’t have. You may have been “educated” into believing you actually are in agreement with society. You may very likely value people more than money. You may very likely like walking more than driving a car, and you are already gods for as confusing as the word god can be.

I have heard that you should look at your “lived values.” They are often different then what you think you hold. Yes. When spirit and matter seem in conflict, inevitably matter bends to spirit, not the other way around.

Conflict between conscious and subconscious? You have some agreement with other people because your spirit wants something your mind hasn’t entertained. When we are the most deeply unsatisfied, is it ever for a material reason? When we are the most powerfully afraid, is it ever of a material thing?

Can we find out what we want subconsciously by looking for clues? Your life will always show clues. There is no such thing as failure, nothing fails ever. It just succeeds at something we don’t understand or didn’t plan. You have no failures, just confusing successes.

Like I tap my finger and I imagine a ring on it, maybe I want to get married? That could be it if the ring naturally makes you think of marriage, but it’s also possible for you a ring means wealth. It would differ from person to person.

Getting your lived values in line with your spirit will put your focus into alignment? Yes. There is a process the brain does all by itself, but it’s a narrow faculty of the mind. Doesn’t have much power in the whole body politic. It is secondary to the “higher brain.”

Reality checking. It’s a simple process. It’s what makes you turn and look when you thought you heard something. We all experience this, no? Your mind looks for agreement in your objects of focus. It wants continuity. So you will find in any situation, everything will come to agree not with your fantasy, but with the greater bulk of your perception, because this is the condition that lets all other energy stabilize. Without it, no efforts can endure. Without connection, nothing you would do could stand.

So you can win a large sum of money even if it goes against all the other minds in your life? Wouldn’t it be easier to talk the other minds into believing in your desire? Good question. Even if it seems to be in disagreement with everyone else’s mind, ever notice lottery winners all seem to have something in common? Maybe something hard to describe?

Yeah, they believed in it. Yes, and when everyone sees them on the news… Let’s be more specific. When you see them on TV, are you surprised that “that sort of person” won?

You cannot do it the hard way ever, so you are perfectly correct. It is easier to convince people to believe in your goal. What you don’t have to do is talk to them about it, or persuade them of anything. Talking often just does the opposite. People will treat you as they think you “are.” They don’t really care what you want, do they?

I have known a few people who other people are always giving money. They will even ask out of the blue, “Do I owe you money?” The person does nothing to actively cause this, but they do have a good background in money and service.

You start acting like a rich bastard, people will start to believe it? Yes, exactly.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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