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Enlightened self-interest is wisdom. Everything has a cost and you will have to pay in one way or another. If you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t, I feel it’s better to do what you will and accept the consequences.

Map of Numina in Numina


Shall I map the numina for you, if only loosely? For our purposes, that planetary process of Gaia consciousness is the baseline part of the numina. Each environment takes on its own character, and thus things like a forest and a prairie look very different as do the creatures that make those places their primary home. So those regions form a sort of tissue of numina having characteristics identifiably different from each other. Though your kidneys and your eyes are both attached to your body, they are clearly not the same structure as each other.

Next up you have the presences that form the mother principle in the world. If I have my terms correct, wine has a mixture involved in its making called a “mother” am I wrong? Or maybe that’s another form of brewing.

Bread has that for sour dough bread. Yes. The stuff that ferments to give the flavour. Well, there are presences in the world that have that relationship to the rest of reality on our planet. Elements and the elemental consciousness in them, and their offspring the “flora.”

The receptive element, in this fabric the numina creates, are those things we might call animal, and I use the term animal in the broadest sense possible. These entities are capable of shifting their relationship with the “mother” layer of our reality, but are still dependant on its energies and thus sensitive to its influence.

Now what most people consider human starts at this animal layer, though it has an obvious mother type stage. In the earliest period of its existence it can be hard to tell a growing egg cell from a bacterial colony.

In some belief systems (like deist) this mother is god and then numina takes over from there? Numina is the acts of god, but god is not a single entity. But yes, there is a lot of activity at this layer. More like the spirit of the cow in that burger you ate.

Just a little up from the animal level, you have the psychic. The operation of any form of active consciousness rather than the subconscious nature of the mother level. Mother may know best but she’s a lenient parent and lets life forms learn from experience.

Beyond the conscious or psychic level you have the metaconscious level, the phase of the numina where its activity can change because of the manifest awareness of its existence as a whole. Numina can change itself because of its own actions as well as because of events on the more physical levels.

Metaconscious would be like the effect of prayers? Yes. The seemingly orchestrated nature of broad events.

Now beyond metaconsciousness is a sort of hyperconsciousness, but most people have little use for that.

I did read that even medicine finds having good thoughts about an outcome works. It does and has even established that being a patient and nurturing parent has a biological impact on a child’s brain. So even if you don’t want to get metaphysical about things, you are still shaping reality with your attitudes.

Numina is a topic that I think needs to be interacted with to fully understand it. You do interact with it every time you take intentional actions, and every time you don’t choose to act intentionally and instead react in a knee jerk sort of way.

Are there things we do daily that go into numina? Yes, just as things done to you also go into the numina. It’s sort of like karma, but without the linear causality.

Games that challenge my reaction time help me with that. Knee jerk is more gut reaction. Yes. Gut reaction is just giving in to psychic gravity, which isn’t always wise.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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