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You need never predict. Any future is now. What happens next is originating now with our choices and everyone else’s also. And we choose based on what’s on our minds.

Master Your Demons in Inner Demons

Inner Demons

Can inner demons be channelled a good way? Yes. In eastern beliefs, the Oni, a.k.a. demons, were crude, sort of dim witted and very violent. But they existed to enact the justice of heaven. They were moved when heaven recognized a wrong, and they were the active agents of correction. Now keep in mind they aren’t very smart. They are like the human mind, but obsessed. Very function focused and two dimensional.

The question is who masters who? To master the inner demon you must see the truth of the “inner heaven.” Meditation or inner peace. Confront your inner demons when at peace. Don’t just say “Well, that just isn’t me!” “I don’t know what got into me!” “I didn’t mean it!” Those are half truths at best and at worst outright and deliberate self delusion, and above all don’t feel guilty about an inner demon. When you feel guilty about an inner demon you make the inner demon your ego. You identify with it and forget yourself.

Hmmmm, I always thought that the demons were what got in the way of meditating? No. Nothing gets in the way of meditating. Meditating is the way. People sit to meditate and their mind is a screaming mess, and then say they didn’t meditate. They did. They were just confronted with the horror that their mind is a screaming mess, but then they give up and it stays that way.

Meditating is seeing the whole ugly mess. In my meditation, my inner demons still exist, but they serve me. They put on a mystery play/puppet show for me. Letting me review my impulses and desires if anything is tripping me up, as well as how I could live my deeply held values more. My inner demons are quite happy doing that.

Yes, but it doesn’t help me lessen the screaming mess in my own mind. Ah, yes it does. There is a term in alchemy. They speak of the birth of a homonculus when they believed a chemical transformation to reflect a human process. The homonculous was the agent of change. My inner demons are homculi most of the time, though I will admit one gets uppity every once in a while. Have you ever dealt with a bratty child? Did trying to control them help? Did reacting to them in any way help? You don’t even have to be so active as to ignore them. That takes too much energy. If they see you actively ignoring them that will make things worse. Just let them be.

A humonculus was the embodiment of a human process, but this is the key point. Only one process. Not your whole being. Medievally, lust was considered a demon and they were pretty sexually repressed. So the lust demon made them do obvious hurtful and bad things. My lust demon is a harmless little homunculus.

Lust isn’t just about young boys. If your inner demon takes over your awareness… Well, as they say “When all you have is a hammer, everything begins looking like a nail.” If the lust demon/homuculus is unknown “or the dark scary demon”, then yes, everything is something to nail. When the lust demon is seen as the silly little gremlin it is, or even better a helper elf, what would happen then?

We would laugh about it? No evil world to destroy. We would laugh about it and no evil world to destroy, and the helper elf lust can help us enjoy intimacy with our partners more. Even help us be spirited about our relationship and creative in expressing ourselves to our mate, and it will be our choice. It won’t do anything we don’t want it to unless it remained “unknown.” The centerfold is an image, a projection or fetish for the man’s, or perhaps woman’s, inner lust demon, and it is negative unless seen for what it is. The image itself isn’t evil, but a dependency on it or an obsession with it would be. Otherwise, Eros has been a part of art for as long as there has been art. Eros has inspired more art and music than anything else actually.

A carving found recently is the oldest known and is a woman with large breasts. Fertility has been seen as sacred more than profane, and in fact women very often carried these pornographic images as they do now in Second Life avatars even. With understanding they are not demonic. Ishtar. Astarte. Astoraoth. A progress of sex being sacred to profane is just human prejudice.

Inner demons get stronger as people age? Yes. They keep the energy they are given.

I see an old person who is cranky and paranoid, and I can see how it was always them but it’s stronger. It makes me think I have to do something about it before I’m too old. Arguably yes, or join the ghosts. I promise that is not any fun.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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  1. matt w

    Ive even gone to the extremes of a shock collar so to say and giving chocolates when good….he loves it…even eats my gifts politly because the ravonous dog approach got old…but yeah i recently found God and even he thonks I need my demon for now..I even have my main in charge of keeping everyone else at bay….all things are possible thru christ…ive been diagnoised depressed bipolar maniv schizophrenic. ..the works…only just not found healing…Good luck on your journey brother..
    great info to start off my little research project…peace and good luck

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