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Before progress, you just lived your life. After progress, you’ll just live your life.

Meeting Point in Taboo


I feel we’re free one moment and then comes the pursuit of equilibrium. Back to freedom again once the pursuit is forgotten about. That is a good insight. It gets right to the heart of the topic of Taboo. What is an agreement?

Dedication. Surrender.

Common understanding and a promise to keep.

Those are indeed part of it. A meeting point. A place of balance or common ground. We come into this world by just such a delicate balance, and we survive in this world by an equally delicate balance. But the agreement isn’t about fairness. It has nothing really to do with human values at all, not in the literal sense. No act of will is actually necessary. The will doesn’t take actions. The will is an inner light or fire that sustains our existence in the face of anything and everything that happens to us.

Usually, when we say I promise, it’s because we fear the consequence if we don’t promise. Not because we reach an agreement that makes sense.

For an agreement, don’t you have to agree to it? Reminds me of an old lyric of mine. “You said we’ll agree to disagree but I never agreed to that.” Indeed, but you do have common ground with life, with people in it, or you would not exist nor would you be able to be aware of or interact with other people.

The agreement is ultimately between your life and your death. This is why there is a path anyway. We begin to die from the day we are born, and each of those things we must not do are a part of our death. All of those things we hate about ourselves are also part of our death. All that you value and all that you want from life is intimately tied to your death, as well, by virtue of that agreement. But we don’t seem to have control of this. Is that not so?

I think we focus too much on the must nots and should nots. I agree, and it’s what creates so many psychological diseases. It makes heart disease the biggest killer and cancer close on it’s heels.

Our life and death are in agreement, but do we agree with them? Do we understand the angel and devil on our shoulders?

That is no way to die doing what you shouldn’t or else people would never go sky diving or bungee jumping. The fact that people have died doing them seems to push people to try these activities. The challenge. For some that is quite attractive. The angel tells us things we shouldn’t do just as much as the devil does.

Are the angel and devil not really our conscience then? No, they aren’t. Our conscience is the spoiled brat that plugs it’s ears and says “na na na na … I can’t hear you!”

Where does the intuition come in here? The intuition is the wisdom of the agreement. The knowing that comes before thinking. That truth that comes before experience and survives after we change our minds. Ultimately, despite all our efforts to control ourselves or educate ourselves, improve ourselves in any way, we fall back to what we actually are. What we really do know.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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