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Reality as it was defined is coming unglued. I am not afraid of that, exhilarated.

Nature Just Lives in Gratitude


All is ok? All is balanced? Oh, all balances. It is balanced unless we resist, and we resist a lot.

It is balanced no matter what we do? That is true. By itself it is. But from the individual point of view, it can seem not to be.

But with resistance the balance will be painful for us? Yes. Like trying to hold a waterfall off your head with your bare hands with all the muscle you have, lots of struggle, and nothing else.

Resistance is important for growth? Change is important for growth. Resistance can be a part of it.

We can grow without resistance, yet we think we have to struggle. Why? We think we are not the world. We think this reality exists in an absolute sense, and thus it scares us.

So yes, the problem is that everything is balanced and nothing is wrong? Basically yes, so we create problems. People say they don’t want problems, but they do. It lets them feel special maybe, more ego again.

What you give is what you get. And if you would be a true individual, give you. That is how you get you. We aren’t meant to hold ourselves aside. We aren’t meant to struggle and attain. What can we attain that is enough? Can we say we attain wisdom? I question the notion that wisdom is a static goal and therefore capable of being attained.

We use our brain too much and analyze things when we should be eating a strawberry cake and drinking cocktails. Sometimes that is indeed what we need, and to just do that. But that is easier said than done. Even just getting ready to do that… What kind of cocktail? What kind of cheesecake? And why?

Meditation heaven. That is the essence of meditation, and why so many people feel they can’t. They think they are doing something different, special, when in fact they are letting the mind do what it does. We can meditate even now, even as we talk. There is no such thing as no time to meditate.

But it is a great problem. A huge problem! People make problems, nature just lives. People make solutions, again nature just lives.

Even when I want to think of nothing, I have to think of nothing so therefore I am not thinking nothing. So don’t try to think. Don’t try to think, and don’t struggle with your thoughts. Don’t say that is bad. Don’t say that is good.

It should come to us naturally. It is a problem because we read about it and hear about it and then we expect something. That is the issue.

We are trapped in life only to the degree we see ourselves as trapped. People feel trapped by ideas. But what about your breath? Do you feel trapped by breathing?

If I can’t breath well, I feel trapped. Sometimes when I am concentrating I forget to breath at all. We have instincts that predate breathing. Consciousness comes before breathing. It’s just fed by breathing.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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  1. joy

    Lots of gems in this post. “It is all ok”. That is what I always try to remember, much easier when I’m in meditation then working on “real life”. Strawberries and cheesecake sound really good…no need to think there.

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