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This attempt to see mind from a biological point of view is weak at best.

No Crazier in Scientology


In respect to the Evangelicals that build fortified shelters and food storage, in the barren bad land in the western United States, the Scientologists also believe in an environmental doomsday. This is the same global event that the Mayans predicted would occur in 2012. Unlike the Evangelicals, the Scientologist doomsday plan is to use the massive Navy of hundreds of ships to escape the mainland during the social disturbance they believe will occur when the dustbowl occurs again and food becomes scarce. Yes, this is more in common with religion than not. They use a fear driven concept to keep secular power. It is a fact that even they display though they downplay why they want it.

What do you think of my doomsday concept, in explaining the meaning behind Seaorg or the scientologist in general? Seems solid. You seem to have a valid stance, but it is true even out of the scientology subject line.

I didn’t realize scientology was so hated by people? As is often said, there are no scientologist burnings. But yes, free thinkers who aren’t befuddle people, and in this day and age yet another cult just makes people feel more insecure. Cult literally meaning body of practices.  If you have an agenda then you have a cult in the literal meaning of the word, and they did splinter from Judaism even though their leader did not advocate it.

What’s your take on Scientology? My view of things in general is pretty grim, even my own work. I stand neither in agreement nor opposition to their professed principles.

Most people think they’re nuts, unless they’ve been assimilated. They had some solid ideas to start to extrapolate universalized spiritual factors.  What is spiritual life for everyone? There is a long history of it, and Hubbard supposedly went through it. I see heavy evidence of his personal prejudices though, and as do any who feel they have an agenda, any who want to bring their ideals to the world, there has been some double speak and twisting of things to preserve the integrity of their religious body. It is no crazier than Christianity from what I have seen.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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