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There are no coincidences. The line of cause and affect may be very abstract, but it is there.

No One Mind in Meaning


They say no news is good news, and one of our two primal fears is loud noise, a.k.a. news. It is a species wide fear, but humans are supposedly creatures of knowledge and communication. Leading the normal life is a drive, but more news makes the normal life pretty dang weird does it not? Nature behaves beyond human expectation and even human nature behaves beyond human expectation, thus we surprise ourselves.

Sometimes it is meditative to just sit and listen, to let the meaning of it all wash in?  But what of the danger of solipsism? You can focus on an idea of self that you are experiencing so that you fail to see its source. You can come to see only yourself as real, and that is what solipsism is. In fact, we are all figments of each others imagination. There is no one mind. Many people insist that there is, but in my experience of the mind (to risk using Christian symbolism) it can be said ‘We are the beast, the legion….Ones who lurk in the shadows…’. People spend so much time seeking God, the holy, the one true answer, that their inner being becomes their own personal demon at best. Something that behaves despite them, not because of them.

You are the minds eye, but you are more. You are the power of focus. The eye is not a passive observer. The actions of the minds eye are in a sense the actions of a God. For those who blame God for their suffering, they are blaming themselves without knowing and even that is mistaken. You don’t drive a car by activating it or letting it be active then blaming it for crashing. It creates because it’s from there that all reality, all meaning arises. Driving the car leaves us crashing while finding our journey, and actually even the crashing isn’t useless. There is meaning in crashing if you aren’t confused about why you are crashing.

How do you KNOW to make the statement “there is no one mind”? The mind is its own way. There is mind in multiplicity. We can speak of many minds. We can speak of many waves, and we aren’t deceiving ourselves. People seek to find a mind outside of mind. A mind to which they can defer. They desire to reverse the process that made them an individual believing individuality is ignoble and somehow inherently flawed. If so it denies the nobility of what is sought. We didn’t chose to be us. We are us for a reason, and we are a universe in ourselves. This is no path of action. People get hung up on the idea of unity, and in their action refute it by denying the validity of the individual self. Our minds can exist in a multiplicity of states as is its nature. We exist in multiplicity as is the greater nature.

This doesn’t deny unity. To say there is only one mind, only one soul, only one truth, is to say there are only elephant tusks and the elephant doesn’t exist. To say that the meaning we see is only delusion is to deny that we have the ability to reconnect with any unity. Why supposedly do we need to reconnect?

Even levels of reality follow no hierarchy. They are equal in meaning. The division is not from human flaw, it’s from believing in human flaw. From denying our natures and then abandoning our fate to something we claim to be inscrutable. What if right now you have what you sought, but you dismiss it because you are looking for better. Only because you judge, and you judge even in denying you judge. Judge more viciously and then without balance.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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