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Spirituality is life. Any part of life you are in.

Ok As You Are in Resilience

To get it back where we can all meet on personal resilience, the truth is that we should not seek any specific state, or to avoid any specific state. What the scientists have discovered that is working (after tormenting people with a lot of stuff that doesn’t work) is really quite simple. Discover how you are ok as you are.

I live daily in a neural / physical state of fear. I have found ways for that to be okay to the point that it highlights fear in my environment very clearly. I can help people see how they are still okay, then smile as they bounce back to what is their norm. I do admire the relative fearlessness of most people, I just can’t join them there. My resilience point is on the distressed side and that’s okay. My emotional thermostat runs cold. Most people run warm. Some even naturally fluctuate over a wider range than others. The secret of resilience is not finding The Norm, but understanding your balance. Your own point of strength.

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To describe it using shamanism, they speak of places they call power spots. Your power spot might be a sunny field full of flowers and happy little birds. This may be very good for your spirit personally. For me though, that is not my best place. Flowers make me sneeze and a lot of bird song is over stimulating. I am also light sensitive to the degree that I purchased some shades and I am much more comfortable going outside now. But for me, a deep dark forest or swamp is very comfortable. Put me among the lizards (are very quiet) and the shady banyan trees (keep the blossoming flower down), and I will feel very alive. It doesn’t hurt us to visit other people where they are either, but like visiting people physically, you just have to remember to go home from time to time.

Me too. I like the night and the forest. There are other people like me at least in part. In fact, there are whole families of people, if you will, who while not identical to each other have enough common ground to be spiritual neighbours. We can be a tribe across the whole spiritual landscape if we stop expecting pigs to fly and fish to take long walks across the land. We can help each other to be stronger in our personal power spots. We really all can get along.

The fish became people, so we do walk. Actually, the children of fish became people, and the children of the non-resilient may be resilient. This is why families can often seem so split, especially these days. My own father actually told me that he didn’t know how I was his son, because he and I are so different.

Our family “hub” is dying slowly but surely now. I can share an understanding that can form a new one. The cup can be filled only because its center is empty. This person who served as the family hub would have wanted that. This is why they tried to be that for you. Or if it was not a person but instead shared beliefs, then the balance between these points can be discovered also.

I like it. It has some physical truth to it too. We’re letting balloons go at her funeral. Excellent. It’s important to honour those who have the gift of making the world seem whole.

Going to “merge with her dreams” she said. She will be merging with her dreams, because that’s what passing is. The waking up to realize that your dreams were real, and the flesh was just a moment of reflection on the greatness of the power of life as a whole. Sometimes to see the whole, you have to see the parts. Become a part.

Know love wherever you are, and for being who you are.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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