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Okay Struggle in Humble Opinion

There’s always got to be a struggle. Sure. What else is there? That’s what life is made of. I don’t know anything else, do you? I mean if there is, tell me about it. Van Morrison

What I’m Hanging Hope On Today: When I was young, I remember that even the most simple moments of dealing with other people were very much a struggle. It always seemed like everyone else was on a clock that not only couldn’t I see, but I could never catch up with either. It’s like being permanently jet lagged or something. As much as life seems to move at blinding speed, well, that’s the issue, it seems to blind people.

I’m coming to appreciate that my different sense of time and flow often allow me to arrive at insights and phases of growth in my life that seem to take others years or most of a life time to arrive at. I still get anxious sometimes that life is passing me by, but all in all I think that the schedule many live by is an unnecessary burden if not an erroneous notion all together.

In the end, don’t we all accomplish things when we finally get around to it? Can anyone succeed before they’re ready to? I don’t see this happening in our world, and I think it’s ultimately better to keep our sense of orientation, focus and integrity than to worry about some abstract to-do list that somehow supposedly adds up to a life well lived.

It’s gonna be okay. What do you say?

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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