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Look within and look around. You are not lost.

One Vibration in Control


If you are fascinated with the astral plane, this is where you lose control because you set it apart. You see it as special, and disempowered yourself from dealing with it. When you set it apart you blind yourself, and many people do. They don’t want to engage. They want a fantasy story. They want to be amazed by the astral plane and then go back to their previous reality. Then wonder why it seems unreal. The only unreality is in the human mind and it’s artificial. Created by us and without understanding.

You see the astral as just another part of our own reality, not separate, but within the mind itself? The astral is in the mind, and the mind is in reality. All minds are in reality. All minds arise from the same force that lets mind exist which is the astral. Our group is called “One World” for this reason, from this understanding.

The astral and what people call the material reality are not separate. They are not separate and the astral has phases, as the human mind has phases. Cultures create hells because there is a hell state. Cultures create heavens because there are heaven states, and there is a state beyond states. Like the masochist who sees pleasure as pain. To the state beyond states, hell isn’t hell. It is real, but it does not imprison. It can if a person creates his own prison, but they create the prison in putting it beyond them This pain has power beyond me. This bliss has power beyond me.

The astral is much like this world with its seeming laws and physics. It’s laws create these laws. You needn’t go in the astral because you are never out of it. When you see the astral in the world you need not shift, but when you still see the world as the world, then to move your view can provide insight.

We all have a resonance we ourselves don’t choose. It is our own nature, but it doesn’t make us without choice. How we relate to our connections is how we relate to ourselves, and we can feel it in others. If my resonance is with the jiki-niki, with the lost, with the hells, it doesn’t make me a prisoner. The state beyond states is there on every level. We have a root, we all do, but we grow from that root. You won’t profit from uprooting. It is all life. One persons resonance with nature was not conditioned nor chosen, but her conditioning can alter her apparent nature. It won’t alter her root nature. Most peoples view of control is uprooting, purging, purifying, and is there any evidence it changes root nature?

Ultimately there is one vibration in all things. To see one root as higher and another is lower is to deny the reality of the state beyond. There is no ladder. It’s what keeps people trapped on the wheel. In striving you arrive at what you strive from, and in striving you are only ever on the wheel.

Why do we perceive these different levels of vibrations? We are taught that this is holy and that unholy. That bliss is noble, and that passion is not. The rage one feels is unholy, low, but divine aspiration is better. It’s a judgement. If you believe in the Buddha as an example of an enlightened being, he said no such thing. There are many accounts in the sutras, in the bhagavad gita, of even demons achieving transcendence. All phases of the wheel exist together, but you don’t achieve the state beyond by running the wheel, and all the phases teach exactly the same message. They said in the Hindu faith all paths lead to Brahma, the all encompassing. We can stop running the wheel if we stop striving. The Buddha didn’t tell anyone to strive for anything.

My root, my center on the wheel, seems very dark. Scary to others, yet it doesn’t blind me. I acknowledge what I am and in knowing I can move with knowing. Denial, saying I am low, would cripple me. You don’t control your spiritual path by striving. You control it by understanding, or your view of your path controls you. The inner light spoken of by the Buddha shines in heaven as much as it does in hell. To have myself I had to let go of myself, in letting go of myself I saw myself. I saw my inner Buddha in the path and killed him. I was as a hungry ghost and am as the hungry ghost, but in being that I do not suffer. Did that wipe the smile off his face? No, it put the smile on mine.

Your way now is a way. To move beyond you can’t deny your way. A man embracing his way he will see it is not his way, because there is nothing to own. It is him. He finds himself in his way. The face of the state beyond states, the face of Brahma, is your face. In that face is the world itself. In your eye is the world.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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