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Evil is characterized by opposition. So opposition breeds more of itself.

Origin of Spirit in Physical


The converse of the order we know isn’t necessarily chaosSo why do we perceive spirit to run counter of, or independently of matter?

Isn’t chaos just the absence of order? Chaos is the presence of potential, yet not actualized energy.

If there is a fire and “chaos” breaks out, people will run. However there is order and a pattern as they all seek an escape route. Indeed. There seems a paradoxical balance in life and the raw experience of life itself. So why must we anthropomorphize it and set it apart from ourselves? Or hypothesize it’s a state of existence that we aren’t yet connected to? There is a presence of order that we can’t avoid seeing, but even science can’t prove the reality of something so pervasive as the concept of time. There is no physical basis for it, yet supposedly the principles of spirituality are nothing more than philosophy. A subjective mind trick we use to convince ourselves we have meaning in life and therefore quality of life. Where did all of these very physical things get their structure?

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My one criticism of scientism is its heuristic view. The old disciplines such as hermetic philosophy had very similar stances. Even the popular word ‘atom’ had its origin in Greek philosophy. Science itself used to be called natural philosophy. A whole theological stance known as deism arose from it. That the ghost in the machine was the prime mover itself. This makes some more orthodox religious dogma make sense, yet these groups still reject the notion.

I suspect duality. We are both? In fact, both statements are true and there is a third point in even these paradoxes. But since we tend to be binary thinkers, if we reject intuitive perception then we are forced to just admit that both points are true. Tends to trip up the search in my observation.

Thinking I am brain thinking about brain can reveal that brain isn’t exactly what it thinks it is. Which pushes you into a third point to avoid endless recursive thinking.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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