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Painful Dysfunction in Humble Opinion

I believe that everybody comes from pain and a certain amount of dysfunction. Mariel Hemingway

Why I Am Dysfunctional Today: Life is stress. Learning is the acquisition of methods to cope with stress.

I myself gain these skills slowly. Like everybody else, I take in a situation and then feel like I know what this all means to me. When this first impression is wrong, that leads to distress. For myself, this can go on repeating ad nauseum because those little cobwebs of nerves in my brain won’t really update until something has gotten on my last nerve, as they say. This makes me a detailed oriented person, perhaps obsessively so.

By focusing on the little details of a situation, I can get through it more steadily and reliably. This also means I become really intimate with poor thought habits. On the other hand, it also means I can get to know quality thought patterns as well. They both linger long in my head and interact with each other like the waves crashing on the shore.

I sometimes envy peoples changeable nature, but I guess we all get there in time. Inevitably, I will catch up…

That‘s my dysfunctional self. What’s yours?

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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