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In my experience, reason neither enables nor supports empathy or social justice.

Performing By Proxy in Sport


Don’t you go into an altered state when performing sports? This is well established. Sports can alter the brain in ways that it can’t normally achieve in any other way. Something about the extreme effort makes the brain reconfigure itself to adapt, and makes it see the material world in a much more primal way than people normally do. It makes everything seem inherently meaningful. A state of oneness where you exclude nothing and seek nothing beyond the immediate activity. Transcend normal consciousness.

So whether you are pleasing the Gods without or seeking the God within, you move into that altered state? You need not seek the God within. It finds you. He or she finds you, and when the inner divinity finds you, you discover that you were never parted from the greater divine.

There is a school of thought that encompasses this path in a more general way. It is present in other forms in other cultures, but in India it’s known as karma yoga, and is the way behind the teachings of the tantra.

On the teachings of karma yoga and the tantra, in the Indian view all spiritual paths eventually lead to union with the absolute divinity. Reconciliation with the true spirit behind all things. What the tantra teaches, and the basis behind karma yoga, is simple if challenging. They teach that you be able to do anything, and by coming to understand that you are capable of anything, you will be governed by nothing, stuck in nothing. To the point of view of karma yoga, if you can’t eat a bug, then your aversion to bugs will trap you in the cycle of incarnation. You could insert any activity there and it would still be the same. How this relates to sport is simple, and the concept from tantric teachings holds true here. They say that the slayer who thinks they slay is themselves slain. Sport is performing by proxy. Killing symbolically so you need not kill literally.

Didn’t the Chinese play chess for this reason? They did play chess and for this reason. So did the Muslims, and eventually so did the Catholics.

We are not free of anything we cannot face. We do not understand anything we refuse to experience. This is why dishonest leaders last so long. People don’t want any real part of government on the level it occurs today.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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