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Mind works whether we want it to or not, or is it lobotomies for all? Shall we sit in the vapid silence of not knowing anything? Or maybe move with the rhythm of the entirety of our being, evil mind and all.

Poor Self Esteem in Self Esteem

Self Esteem

If our self-image stemmed from our honest experience of self, what would that be like? The answer to this question is the essence of Gnosticism in the nutshell.

Bloated egos? Bloated egos come from a magnification of the self-image to cover up the sensation of self just as you might be tempted to swing an arm or leg when it’s gone to sleep. They over exaggerate the behavior they have come to describe as self in order to recover that sensation of self, and well, that’s a bit of a trap, because it’s that very behavior that cut off the sensation in the first place. The rigid symbolism, the idolatry of an ideal self that you haven’t reached yet. Trying to make trees grow kills trees, but I’m interested. When I suggested the idea of self-image stemming from the experience of self, why did that automatically go to egotism?

I guess it’s the word ‘self’ as in selfish, self-centered, etc. Ah, I see, a socially conditioned association, but yes, because of how we all have been socialized, our thinking automatically assumes egotism when any attention to the self is suggested, especially if it’s recommended. This conditioning is what leads to the reversal. We take up self-images as a “moral” sacrifice. Is our morale improved by this?

Why does anyone have poor self-esteem?

People boost their ego by acting humble. That’s exactly what they are boosting, ego, and tearing down their actual sense of well-being. Ever met a secure or calm egotist?

No. And that is the reason why. Self-image and self-esteem are working against each other. One of the many cases of humanity putting the cart before the horse. So why does anyone suffer from poor self-esteem?

Building my self-image causes my self-esteem to go down? It does, yes. People even include self-esteem building in their self-image, and the anxiety over trying to preserve and build up their self-esteem tears it down even further.

We suffer because society tells us to. Exactly.

Make up ads and photo editing, all those lies. Does this serve societies genuine well-being or perhaps just the status quo? It does certainly feed the economy.

I never understood why it was considered ugly to look your age. It should be the opposite. The make up and beauty industry is enormous. I have a rather icky term for many super models. I refer to the look as fetus face. Their features show no character, no sense of natural growth. I can’t see feeling lust.

It’s because the models are showing off the product or clothing not themselves, though I don’t buy that really. You see a very thin model, you look at her. I guess the unusual look does stand out.

I love the full figured models that are starting to appear, normal people. Yes, it is a positive trend and maybe one that will endure. My wife is very skinny, but her physique still seems natural. You can tell when something is just in someone’s genetics. It’s the way it “wears” on them, otherwise it just looks artificial.

You have moments where your behavior is guided by genuine self-esteem. You can’t help it. It’s reflective. Those moments when you get just a little bit silly, maybe you’re tired, or maybe you’re playing with a child, maybe just spending time with a close friend, but you let your ideas of who you are go, and experience who you are, and it feels good doesn’t it?

Do many of us know that person we are in those moments very well?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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