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Life seems to deal in a quantum way, in whole units.

Resemblance to Season in Astrology


The astrological signs all have their own personality. They are like people, just pervasively present, and people born during one of these cycles show a family resemblance to their season.

What are you like when you’re born in spring? Spring is dreamy and restless. Timid and yet strangely disinhibited at the same time. Spring people are like our cat.

Winter is reserved and thoughtful, fearful and structured, planning for the longer cycle.

Fall are assertive people, ready for the inevitable restructuring. They are always ready to start over, and if they are emotionally healthy, they do tend to revel as well. Otherwise, they wind up with a morbid fear of dramatic failure.

Summer people are expansive and imaginative with a tendency to be unfocused. They are clever managers of energy, work intensely on specific things, and reserved when nothing presents itself to chase but tend to have trouble following the big picture.

Summer people are starters. Winter people are finishers. Spring people are sensitives. Fall people are catalysts. They wrap up loose ends and leave things in what some people would call a mess. Others would call full of new potential.

Scorpios always seem to be able to push my buttons like no other. They don’t do it for the reasons it might seem like they are. They see it as drawing you out of your shell. This is how they feel they can relate to you. If they can’t get a response, they have trouble relating. They tend to see any reserved behavior as fake. I am late phase Cancer, which means I shade into Scorpio.

I hope I haven’t meandered so much the thread was lost. Astrological charts are road maps. They aren’t your destiny. I may choose to go to McDonald’s, but I am not forced to.

So yes, my point in summary… Read the map or trust your instinct. You’ll still get there. As for myself and astrological influences, I tend to practice Zen navigation. I watch people who seem to know where they are going and follow them. I get to very interesting places, and eventually where I intended to go.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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