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Want to change your life? Change your mind.

Roads of Possibility in Astrology


Now perhaps to make it personal… Animals are sensitive to magnetic fields, black noise, fire, sun spots. Seeing a pattern here?

The same as the atmosphere? Yes.

When we are exposed to strong magnetic fields it can cause us to experience changes in our perception as well, and we are sensitive to the same earth changes other life forms are. They just get filtered through heavy electrical noise, and I don’t mean electronic devices. I mean “higher” thought. We activate these new and enthralling portions of the brain almost, well… It’s like we are addicted to it. It’s compulsive. We have no biological reason why, but we have unplugged from the foundation of our total consciousness.

How have we become unplugged? Attention being obsessively focused on the biological noise in our heads. Thought is really no different from sound. It reflects a truth, but is not the literal truth itself.

We’re all cells in a planetary brain (planets, animals, etc.) and the cerebral fluid is the higher thought, but we’ve jammed the signals? Not higher. Lower. Inner. It doesn’t come from outer space, but the shifts in the inner consciousness reflect the earth perception of its environment like the behavior of the sun, or incoming gravity disturbances. Gravity is the earths center of balance.

Perhaps a metaphor is in order. Imagine you and the earth are riding in a car. The earth is driving and you are in the passenger seat. In a sense, you and the earth are acting as one body because while everything is in motion, you are both going to go to the same place.

Since you are the passenger, you can be doing a lot of things and it doesn’t change where the car is going, right? Now the driver looks at the road, road signs (astrological signs) and keeps in mind the weather conditions, and also tries to work with you to determine the ultimate outcome of the drive. The reason why you are going anywhere at all. Follow so far?

Now the signs don’t mean as much to you because you are the passenger, but the signs still matter because they determine whether you end up at the McDonald’s or some greasy spoon in the middle of nowhere with a scary grizzly of a truck driver making eyes at you while you pretend not to notice.

The cycles of our world are like the roads of possibility our earth drives on.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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