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Death is the great equalizer, and all change is heat death, a.k.a. entropy.

Seeing the World as Children in Innocence


How do we see the world as children?

An adventure.

I never did see the world. I simply lived in and with it. Ah, indeed. Children see the world as a friend. Other things in it as potential friends, something to live with, get along with. Do they define the world in any other way?

Don’t know. That might be culture oriented. See and define a world… we didn’t do that.

Everyone perceives, feels, becomes aware of, but how often do children start out with ideas like, not me, not mine, not like me, loves me, hates me?

Not at all, it’s all ‘mine!’ They do share though don’t they, from time to time?

Yes. What makes them do that?

It’s not a possessive ‘mine’, just an immersion. I have seen toddlers totally absorbed in the notion that another child needed a hug, even if that child wasn’t totally receptive to it. What would motivate that?

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Empathic moment. They have a deep sense that hurts are wrong, not good or bad, not should or should not, just something that needs immediate response, attention. Do we as adults in today’s society have any sense of this really?

I sensed a need, also a need to protect myself from that person’s need, if that makes sense. So give a hug, deflect that which could enter and interfere. Ah indeed, you can also sense that as a child as well, that what hurt the other child might hurt you also.

I am swiftly learning this momentum of caring. It is curing my thirty year depression and loosening my writing muscles. Very good to hear. I am seeing my kindness in the mirror. Perfect.

My nephew (at around 3 yrs old) saw his grandfather sitting in a chair and asked what he was doing. He told him I’m being quiet. My nephew went away and came back with a card game of some kind and gave it to him, saying this is something to look at when you’re quiet. Perfect example. Your young nephew had no real understanding of why grandpa was behaving that way. He just felt that one needed to feel connected when they are alone or isolated. Do children like being alone?

Even as an autistic child myself, though I didn’t like to be directly engaged very often or for very long, I still felt a desire to be present with others, some place friendly and safe, and where I could see “life” going on around me.

Not with other people perhaps, but connected to something to know where they are? Yes, it doesn’t have to be humans. Children often consider bugs to be company, or sticks and rocks even.

How can one answer for what they like if they are alone? I assume that they choose to be alone because they want to work with themselves or release themself from struggling with others.

It was always nice to be out as a child, and to know that mom would be there when I got home.

Alone for me meant no other people around, but never alone for all the rest that was there.

Would we seek isolation if there was nothing wrong?

Maybe still, yes, in order to experience enough of it to know we don’t want it or enough of it to enjoy ones own company when we have it.

I would not seek it for anything like that. Everything can be “right” and still seek alone ness. I still do that today.

I’m not sure the idea would come up if nothing was wrong.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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