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The Gnostics were right, to know yourself is to know the divine.

Self Acceptance in Acceptance


Can I take any action of any kind without acceptance of how things are? Can I accept anything how it is, if I cannot accept how I myself am?

Not properly. Exactly. Miscreation instead of recreation. Recreation is a much disrespected pursuit, but let’s look at the word re-creation. Can we create anything from no prior substance? I would say no. Any creation you do, any action you take stems from self, and any chance for personal growth or self optimization is with self knowledge, which can only come from self acceptance.

We create everything from nothing? We create everything from self. I create my relationships from who I am and how I feel. I create my actions and thus the subsequent consequences from the self same substance. But it is possible to fall into a fatal error, to see acceptance of the world as separate from acceptance of self. You, your very nature and physical substance, stem from this same reality that you may feel challenged to accept. So can you have any rejection of something “other” and have any acceptance of self? If I reject some other person is that favourable to my acceptance of myself? Can it be in any way?

They say the bigger part of any communication is non-verbal. It’s not even “voluntary.” What most people communicate when they aren’t trying to say anything is their selective view of the world, which is shaped not by their preferences. That might be a positive thing if it were, artistic even. It is generally shaped by their fears/rejections. Rejection is fear. If you watch people walking, say, through a mall, you will see how little they pay attention to the other people in the mall. Does this ignoring other peoples activities serve any practical purpose?

I’m always surprised when someone seems to notice me. It is not the norm to encounter someone aware.

It allows us to pass through large crowds without having to acknowledge every human. That would be impractical? To be aware must you speak? Most schools of thought on this topic say the opposite.

Humans are limited to a defined number of friends through our genetic heritage making it nigh on impossible for us to relate closely to more that a few hundred persons. Acceptance isn’t intimacy. It’s an allowance for the behaviour of ones perception and the behaviours of others.

We are not ignoring others. We are simply behaving according to our inherited natures. So, no elective element in it?

Acceptance allows me to rest in the fact that my vision takes in only a limited field, and will guide me to scan if I have reason, or not scan if likewise I have reason to limit my visual input. Likewise, acceptance allows me to hear words spoken in the context they are originally spoken in.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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