'Intuition' Chapter


Intuition. Everyone is talking about it these days, and also debating it and also ignoring it. We are in dialogue with the world on an everyday basis. Spirit to spirit. Techniques of intuition include feeling, inner dialogue, images, and direct knowing. Trust your instincts and intuition will emerge.

There is a field of energy our minds exist in, and there is a lot of potential static in it. Some people think they would only intuite important things, but actually it can be anything.

“The two operations of our understanding, intuition and deduction, on which alone we have said we must rely in the acquisition of knowledge.” Rene Descartes

Intuition and Intuitive Techniques

Intuition is an ill defined faculty. There is a lot of debate whether it is real at all. But from my own experience, intuition is what is suppose to motivate science but doesn’t anymore. There is a type of internal… Seek More

What is Death?

No one goes anywhere. There isn’t any need. It’s merely a change of state. A parallel existence, if you want to use the scientific paradigm. There is no such thing as loss. Sometimes, the way someone looses this form entails… Seek More

Body Image

Here is a way to trigger/test your intuition. Consider your body. Just feel it, don’t think. Just be in your body. What is the first thing you know? No thinking. Just feel it and what do you know about your… Seek More


The media, and the corporations like it. It’s very easy to control an addict. Give them more of what they think they want, and fear triggers the herd instinct. Fear is the mind killer as Frank Herbert said. We don’t… Seek More

Thought Processes

I have horrible news for you friends. You are all rational people. It’s true, and inescapable. Our minds naturally rationalize, everyone’s. For everything we experience in a day, our mind seeks a causal connection between it and other events, and… Seek More

Streams of Consciousness

The right/left brain model as its commonly discussed these days is not entirely accurate, but there are parts of it that are more or less true. You have two streams of consciousness going on all the time. The bottom up… Seek More

Conflict Between Thought and Intuition

You can easily experience the conflict between intuition and normal thought for yourself. Between both extremes you have the thalamus. The amygdala begins to show the split, but beneath that you have what has been called the “reptile brain“, and… Seek More

The Intuitive Mind

Isn’t imagination important? Imagination is indeed important, vital even. In my classes I often try to describe things in as bottom line a way as possible. That way anyone can relate to it. So the intuitive mind has a number… Seek More