'Berkana' Chapter

Berkana Rune

Berkana, linked to the birch tree, the moon, women and motherhood. It’s the rune of beginnings, and if it looks like our letter b, that’s natural. It’s the source of our letter. The “spirit” of berkana is shared all throughout the natural world, forming a kinship between all things that nurture and foster new growth.

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“The past is but the past of a beginning.” H. G. Wells (English Novelist, Journalist, Sociologist and Historian. 1866-1946)

Rune of Beginnings

Shall we discuss rune magick? The word rune roughly translates as mystery. The reason you don’t hear about rune magick much is it doesn’t provide concrete projects for people to do. It is not related to specific rituals or practices.… Seek More

Rune Symbolism

The symbolism is necessary to understand as we begin to discuss rune magick, but it isn’t sufficient by itself. Rune magick is contemplative rather than ritualistic which is why you rarely hear about it. People prefer collections of things to… Seek More

Use of Berkana

Shall we discuss the use of this berkana rune? Well, first you would either create or acquire a rune item to serve as a focus or reminder of your intentions regarding this rune, and while you are using this rune… Seek More

Cycles in Rune Magick

You don’t need to purchase anything strange or expensive to benefit from rune magick. Though you might like to own a nice bit of jewellery or something with your rune on it, you can get the benefits of rune craft… Seek More