'Bon' Chapter


Bon is loosely a Chinese religion. Bons concern was basically the same as the Kahuna path, bridging the selves, and only indirectly communing with other spirits. More concerned with their spiritual citizenship, and letting the spirits see to themselves. The Chinese practices regarding the spirits are of Bon origin, even the ritual dragon dance.

Bon is very shamanistic. In a sense, Bon can be argued to not be “religious”. Mantras were a way to attune both the three selves, and to adjust to spirit influences.

“We Tibetans regard Bon as the ancient, indigenous religious and cultural tradition of our ancestors, which is the source and embodiment of many aspects of the Tibetan way of life.” The Dalai Lama

Bon Religion

Bon is a Chinese religion, loosely. It’s ethnically Tibetan, but not confined to that region of China. Bon was the native shamanism, but more like the Kahuna tradition than the Native American, and is more concerned with personal state than the… Seek More

Abode of Spirits

The Chinese New Years celebration, their own version of the day of the dead ritual, has its origin in Bon. The new year for Bon is the same as the Chinese New Year, and their lunar calendar arose from it.… Seek More