'Hinduism' Chapter


“The Vedas teach that the soul is divine, only held in the bondage of matter; perfection will be reached when this bond will burst, and the word they use for it is, therefore, Mukti – freedom, freedom from the bonds of imperfection, freedom from death and misery.” Swami Vivekananda

All this universe is in the glory of God, of Siva, the God of love. The heads and faces of men are His own, and He is in the hearts of all. ~Yajur Veda

I am the ruling Queen, the amasser of treasures, full of wisdom, first of those worthy of worship. In various places, divine powers have set me. I enter many homes and take numerous forms. ~Rig Veda

Subtlest of the subtle, greatest of the great, the atman is hidden in the cave of the hearts of all beings. He who, free from all urges, beholds Him overcomes sorrow, seeing by the grace of the Creator, the Lord and His glory. ~Yajur Veda

In heaven there is no fear at all. Thou, O Death, art not there, nor in that place does the thought of growing old make one tremble. There, free from hunger and from thirst and far from the reach of sorrow, all rejoice and are glad. ~Krishna Yajur Veda

Path in Hinduism

Hinduism is actually a blanket term for multiple spiritual paths. A common disposition among those who pursue most of the schools is that they don’t have a salvationist view. Most of them are more concerned with understanding as individuals than… Seek More

Gods and Divine Potential

What is the ‘god’ structure in Hinduism? That differs, but there are some principles across the board. One is the concept of a universal spirit called by many names, but not in a divisive way. More as a recognition of… Seek More