'Satanism' Chapter


Satanism isn’t a unified body of beliefs. There are multiple views similar to Christianity. People give Satanism a bad name by sensationalizing. To this date the left hand and right hand paths still exist. The evil comes from the concept of exclusivity, that there is war or opposition. Their philosophy is not amoral, it is a more naturalistic morality. All the ‘wisdom’ is trying to show us balance.

“Spiritual Satanism is a life loving religion. Satan accepts us as we are, but guides us to advance ourselves to where we evolve to a higher level. Spiritual Satanists are free to live their lives as they choose.” www.joyofsatan.org

“There is a beast in man that needs to be excersised, not exorcised.” Anton LaVey

Names of Satan

How did Satan as a figure get into the Christian story? It stems from a schism in Semitic faiths, and the catholic or “universalist” agenda of early Christianity. This schism in Semitic faiths echoed even in Egyptian religion. This is… Seek More

History of Satanism

Satanism is more complex than people see it and it has had a long history. The Knights Templar were accused of it and many factions of Christianity were dismissed as Satanism including most if not all Gnostic Christianity. So there… Seek More

Is Satan Evil?

Satanism is a descriptor some people have applied to other beliefs versus a belief itself? It has evolved, and some have accepted the related ideas. Basic teachings of Satanism are: Ecstatic practices. Self acceptance. Embracing both the darkness and the… Seek More


What is the difference between Luciferianism and Satanism? Actually there are a few different traditions that get called Satanism. As a whole the Satanism that scares people is a creation of the Catholic church. A counter cultural movement that arose… Seek More