'Sikhism' Chapter


God is basically the font of reality. All reality. To the Sikhs, they believe that first and foremost is to seek truth, and God is truth. In the Sikh belief God meditated in the void, and in his meditation he had a vision of creation and it came to be. In a sense in his mind or being, and all things came to be including humanity. The Sikhs do not see themselves as actually separate. They are just following a different teaching.

“Realization of Truth is higher than all else. Higher still is Truthful Living.” Guru Nanak, Sri Rag

“The greatest comforts and lasting peace are obtained, when one eradicates selfishness from within.” Guru Gobind Singh (Indian Sikh religious leader & conqueror; last & 10th Sikh guru 1675-1708; founded Khalsa brotherhood 1699 _1666-1708)

“Charity, penances, pilgrimages, and other rituals are useless… Meditation upon, and worship of God with true Guru’s grace, enable realization.” Guru Nanak (from the Nit Nem, a text of the Sikh religion)


Sikhism is a religion that started at about the same time as the Protestant movement did in Catholicism. It takes influences both from Islam and Hinduism, and it’s original lineage was preserved by a short lineage of Gurus before it was… Seek More

Truth in All Things

The core belief in Sikhism is that you should seek truth in all things. They don’t have a concept of the unforgivable. They have no leg to stand on in their doctrine to “guilt trip” sinners, and no concept of… Seek More