'Wicca' Chapter


Wicca is what would be called a syncretic religion similar to American Voodoo in some senses, but having more focus on western European culture and traditions. As much as Wicca is a modern evolution of older and mostly lost beliefs, this by no means implies that it lacks truth, meaning or spiritual power. If anything, it is able to tap into an extra measure of spiritual vitality for its essence being a “living” faith.

Wiccan faiths are either dualistic and hold both genders as equally sacred, or favour the sacred feminine primarily, though none actually defame the masculine as a matter of doctrine. They do engage in prayer in a contemplative and communion sense, but they do not seek divine intervention as they utilize magickal practices to accomplish this instead. The gift of magick being seen as a divine gift intended for human use to address the issues that others might use intercessory prayer for.

Wicca Roots

Now I must apologize in advance. Tonight’s class will be my best effort at encompassing a subject that is not easily traced let alone analyzed. No offence meant with anything. Wicca is what would be called a syncretic religion similar to American… Seek More

Emergence of Wicca

What organization there was behind the older faiths practiced by the Greeks and Romans was functionally lost as the priest of gods like Zeus and Poseidon were perfectly willing to convert to the new state religion of Christianity. Their offices… Seek More

Power of Wicca

As for the power of Wicca, much of the power of a practice stems from the measure of spiritual energy behind the practice. The cultural and inherited weight of the symbols and practices involved, as well as the integrity of… Seek More

Wiccan Tradition

As for the specifics of any particular Wiccan denomination, also called a tradition, I’m afraid it would be necessary to consult the sources directly but certain beliefs are held in common between them. What is commonly called the Wiccan rede,… Seek More