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Any subtle feeling you experience… It’s not invalid. Treat it as natural and a real part of the world, and you will not go insane.

Suffering Embraced in Dukkha


Some might ask why one would work a dark magick? Why one would ignore all the warnings about the dark paths of the spirit? There is a simple reason. Suffering embraced is wisdom. They accept the consequences of their action because in the unfolding of events they gain deeper understanding of the way and structure of the world itself, greater mastery of the process of change which is suffering, and they grow in power to the point where there is no barrier between themselves and the ultimate awareness.

Where people fall short on the dark path is mistaking suffering for cruelty, mistaking ignorance for enlightenment. The path of suffering is also the path of illusion as you will suffer each and every one of your illusions fully before understanding how they arose from your will in the first place.

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The would-be master shows themselves to be a puppet. The would-be seducer shows themselves to be ravished by the same lusts they imagine they master in others. The lord of lies finds that all their effort at control just highlights the truth they sought to shroud all the more vividly.

Those on the dark path follow a way defined by conflict, war even, but this is often unseen by outsiders. Because when the weak adherent of the dark path meets their better, the events manifest in such a way that it just looks like natural consequence, karma. The “bad person” just got what they deserved. Nobody really goes looking for the cause.

Wouldn’t actual meditation reveal the causes of suffering, also, from deeper and deeper levels? It would and does, and there are those who of their nature feel they cannot meditate, they cannot sit, and they cannot leave well enough alone. They often think themselves failures on the spiritual path, though if you read the sacred texts, the pali cannon, the baghavad gita, all of them really, these “vicious” or passionate people often bring about the revelation of deep insight, profound wisdom. Those who cannot master themselves seek to master the world, but it’s not that shallow.

Wasn’t the life of Jesus a good deal of the dark path even to the point of embracing suffering on the cross? Indeed, as well as fraternizing with the unenlightened. He was regularly questioned for why he would willingly keep the company of Gentiles and take part in their daily affairs, discussions and debates, but he met the priests in the same spirit that he met the common people.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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  1. Robin Harger

    Why not cut it short? For those already incarnated into the world of name and form the “dark path” that you refer to is already the only available path. Incarnation is already progress on the “dark path”, why give it a special name? It is already the only path “out” and that is so for the reasons you give above…..

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