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Science started with the uncensored motive to understand, and they called it magic.

Sum Of Life in Reverence


Basic is pride. “I am better then the others.”

To know where your life is going look at what you revere. We’re likely going after it?

Good points. Self esteem is good, but often not as people practice it. If you have a sense of reverence, you cannot belittle the observer, but arrogance is not reverence. The arrogant person reveres little, and what they do revere is a threat to their ego so they limit contact with it sharply and become disconnected from life.

I decide you are worthy to be killed. We Germans have experience in that. We did not invent it though. Many cultures have examples of reverence, but in a twisted form. Revering a leader without questioning the leaders principles. Reverence is not something that can arise from objects you might decide to revere.

That is not reverence. That is blind worship. Exactly. Doing without feeling, or feeling without knowing. Are these balanced? It is my impression that to be healthy all of our members must be operating fully. All aspects of ourselves must have their place. What happens if nothing is sacred?

Nihilism? And nihilism leads to? Annihilation. We have been fast tracking that as of late, no? Thus suicide rates in heavily industrialized countries are noticeably high.

And the military too. Totally up there. Yes. This comes from what?

Alienation of spirit, disconnects, etc. Lack of reverence? This comes from being “objective”. We make things objects and people objects. It’s praised, even called sane. If you don’t get a sense of meaning or value, well… Then you are supposedly just smart and pitied. Does this make any sense at all?

You get lost in the real sense of the word. Yes, very lost.

Is this why the saying “The total is greater then the sum of its parts”? And also why that saying is a literal truth. Reverence is the recognition that the sum of your life is greater than whatever part currently has your attention.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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