Articles containing "Anticipation"

Angry Brain


Anger is something that people delude themselves about seriously, and it never goes away. At any time you could become angry, and as much as you meditate, as much as you pray, anger doesn’t go away does it? It just… Seek More

Empowering Expectation


Quick poll. For who do expectations feel disempowering? I really felt them to be at work limiting. I felt they limited what I could achieve. I’ve never felt disempowered. They can be discouraging if they are given too much emotional… Seek More

Rigid Expectation


Did today go as you expected friends? There is a lot of teaching against expectation in today’s spiritual circles is there not? Almost as if it were a serious moral faux pas. Anyone gotten rid of it yet? If you… Seek More

Causal Filter


The emphasis on causality focuses us away from ego and to our relationships. Indeed, and in fact, new research suggests that our very own minds are structured in such a way that they are by definition responsive to changes in… Seek More

Skill of Targeting


To begin with a question, what is anticipation? The expectation of some event or idea to happen. A dog drools when anticipating his meal. To wait for something to happen. Imagining how something is going to be when it happens.… Seek More

Engage Anticipation Consciously


Attention is like a bow. Intention is the arrow, and anticipation is the skill of targeting. There is a discipline that works with this archery metaphor. I find it a simple guideline to help me reality check my internal behaviour against… Seek More

Anticipate Better


I seem to live in my imagination. You are just more aware than others. We all live in our imaginations. If you think you can do anything, if you believe there is anything you can count on, that is your… Seek More

Seize the Life Force


Can you develop your anticipation skills? You can develop your anticipation skills. They come down to emotional tone and psychological attitude or disposition. You can substitute the word targeting or planning if you prefer. I use the word anticipation to… Seek More

Guilt From Prejudice


Is full anticipation possible even for a Buddha, or is it too big in total? Full anticipation is not possible even for a Buddha. The teachings of liberation are based on this. Why do people feel guilt for not anticipating… Seek More

Keeping the Rhythm of Life


Anticipation as a life function. I will ask you, can one live and function without ever anticipating anything? We have an instinctive need of anticipation. It’s part of what tells us we are well and everything is right, or right… Seek More