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Lately I am dealing with a severe case of ennui. Existential boredom. How can that be? So much knowledge to learn? The disciplines of the mind reduce to exercising human perception. This is starkly limited and easily exhausted. From basic… Seek More

Hell on Earth


The spiritual insights of the Norse religion can be summarized as a collection of intuitive metaphors called “kennings”, and we still use the word. They governed community meetings, called “things.” This is how their communities were governed, and skalds kept… Seek More

Trying Resolution


What would happen if you “imagined” you were happy? If you didn’t try to make yourself happy with your thinking? You just imagined you were happy? Do happy people say “I can’t deal with this?” Change what you imagine and… Seek More

Resolve Old Beliefs


In Norse belief most people go to hell. This is the literal source of the word and it was governed by the Vnir goddess Hela. To the Norse, hell was just a place of dreary boredom. Hell wasn’t for the… Seek More

Single Minded Focus

Thoughts on what obsession is? OCD Single minded focus? Good, and yes these play into the topic of obsession. Single minded focus. It is a fascinating concept. In fact, the organs that play a part in the processing we call… Seek More

People Hold The Power


Even within a species, there is a tendency for individuals to specialize. Individuals are special. It even showed up in early human culture, but it’s especially evident in ants. Where the nurses are small and numerous, the warriors are large… Seek More

Event Tides


Can anyone share an experience of a repetitive pattern in their life? Something we can’t stop doing? Or something that just seems to recur no matter what you do. Both work, but interpersonal. I keep having trouble with contaminants in… Seek More

What We Assume


What is boredom, friends? A state where nothing looks interesting. Lack of creativity. A feeling of not being engaged. Nirvana? All linked together, boredom is the assumption that everything is what we assume it to be. That is the definition… Seek More

First Symptom of Decay


Have you ever learned something without trying? In Taoism, they say that whenever you encounter resistance in something it’s because you aren’t working with its path. You aren’t working with the reality of what it is. When we are trying,… Seek More

Body Politic


Unfortunately, I’ve learned not to tell many people when I want to do something new. They’re usually judgemental. Yes. Well trained cattle are obedient cattle. Our society truly is a body politic. It acts just like a body. Ever notice… Seek More