Articles containing "Confusion"

Mind and Ego


The language gets sketchy. Is mind thinking? Isn’t thinking just an action? Awareness goes beyond thinking. The mind as we know it comes after, not before. It’s automatic and it’s why people get so tripped up. They are told to… Seek More

Secret of Conflict


The secret of conflict is that there is no conflict. We perceive ourselves to be in opposition. But the one who opposes you, do they oppose “you”? Or has their way run afoul of yours? They seek something in opposition.… Seek More

Your Life


Meditation is not something you can achieve. Meditation is when you sit and allow yourself to be where you are, and maybe not do anything in that moment. Even if your mind is spinning, just realizing that your mind is… Seek More

Thinking vs Knowing


All things we know. I use the word “know” in contrast to the word “think“. They have their origin outside of the reel of our consciousness we recognize as rational thought. How often in all of this rational thought do… Seek More

What is Taoism?


Taoism is one of those world religions that sort of isn’t one. Many popular Chinese concepts are connected to Taoism and actually in many ways it’s like the Egyptian faith. The basic principle is acceptance of and living with the… Seek More

Taoist Practice


There are many allegories in Taoism and much like Greek Gnosticism it is heavily experience based, though there are a body of philosophers, referred to as sages, who are viewed as having deep insight into the Tao, like Chuang-Tzu and… Seek More

Humour in Spirituality


A lot is said about humour in a limited way, but humour like beauty is truth. We can find humour in all things, because in fact there is truth and beauty in all things. Just some might not be to… Seek More

Everything Exists


People argue the relativity of truth, or the nature of absolute truth. The paradox is that all truth is relative so none of it is. It behaves like truth and this relative truth is very here and now. It is… Seek More

Cease Clinging


The truth put forth by any of the reputable sources have the power they do because they can be applied to experience. I have always said that religion should stop complaining about science and instead hold itself to the same… Seek More

Go to the Edge


First seclusion, then the next stage of a rite of passage is limination. Going to the edge.  These days many people make a career of that but there is no reason. It is sort of rebellion but without a clue.… Seek More