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Classical Cynicism


I am not talking about being grouchy, but classical cynicism which is a life philosophy. It’s a philosophy that does have its roots in the teachings of Socrates, and if anything focused on putting them into very literal action. Cynics believed… Seek More

Critics of Institution


The cynics accept that there were Gods. They were especially fond of Hercules, actually, and from their point of view they were on a mission from Zeus. Did they think of nature as God? Basically they did, and that we… Seek More

All Is Available


Plato attributes the rise of misanthropy (hatred for humanity) first to trust of humanity. An inclination in the individual to see all human beings as entirely virtuous. Then as their faith in humanity proves untenable, they developed first the disconnection,… Seek More

Modern Warlock


Warlocks have existed in every culture and, at different times, had some means of support from the cultures they lived on the fringes of. In fact, the stories of the supposed witches Sabbath as related by the catholic church, about… Seek More

Seeing the Infrastructure


I read a novel by someone who said she was writing about a past life in Egypt and she mentioned a mental network the priests had. Did anything like that exist? Well, memetically? Certainly. Also through their understanding of the… Seek More

Oath Breaker

Dark Shamanism

The term oath breaker was used to refer to a European trouble maker. They broke the peace, forswore their oaths to the church and to the people who sought to live at peace with the church who instead chose to… Seek More

Druid Evolution

Dark Druids

Druidism was the European outgrowth of the Indo-Aryan migration and evolved independently of its parent culture over time. Whereas those who migrated southeast into India came to establish the Brahminical tradition as well as the gurus and sadhus and what… Seek More

Life Shaped by Your Story


Toil or play comes from how you are moving in a living thinking feeling social world. To wrap up, it’s ultimately about story telling. What story do you tell people in your demeanour? What story do you tell people in… Seek More