Articles containing "Deception"

My Action


Action stems from passion. You may passionately believe I am mistaken, and feel powerfully moved to tell me so. The world moves and we move in it. There is a reason they say ask not for whom the bell tolls,… Seek More

Best and Worst Projection


What are the worst projections people do? Fear is very virulent, and it isn’t instinctive. We warp our own natures for the sake of fear. Fear of rejection, it creates rejection. Fear of failure, it creates failure. Fear is an… Seek More

Transmutation of Energy


In the case of cardiac nerve studies, they found heart nerves don’t seem to suffer any sort of energetic rejection. It doesn’t matter whose heart the heart tissue is from, if it’s still alive it will synchronize. There are stories… Seek More

Fear of Change


To overcome my fear of change, I need to work on my focus? Yes, change is what you see it to be. Realize that change is what you say it is. What you think, and feel, and believe it is.… Seek More

Pride is Not Evil


Pride is not evil. It’s saying I did this, because well, you did. It’s saying I’m here. You did what you did, and you don’t have to disown it. Just remember, it’s what you did. You aren’t what you did,… Seek More

Faith Goes Beyond


The topic is faith, and I’m not talking about religion or trust. Trust is sort of going with the flow, and accepting your experiences.  Accepting that you are who and what you are, and that you see the world as… Seek More

Have Faith


Not all moments are “good” moments, we learn from “bad” moments as well. As an example, Mother Teresa was a nun.  A member of her order. She had all the background and was well versed in her faiths teachings. Her… Seek More

Freedom is Understanding


Seeing the true reality makes your choices true choices. Rather than saying something arbitrary, honestly rather thoughtlessly like “I could never kill anyone“, why not say the truth? Under the right circumstances I would kill someone, and understand why. Rather… Seek More

Not Trying


There is the doing aspect, being in the moment, but what of planning the events and adapting to situations where it arises? That’s its own doing, and your quality of thinking will be much better if you allow your mind… Seek More

Have Your Own Mind


The pot loves to call the kettle black. There is an unusual sense of presence and intensity associated with some people. Also very subtle, but surprisingly consistent differences in psychological “syntax”. People are strange, when you’re a stranger … If… Seek More