Articles containing "Dignity"

Right to Die


People seem to think a lot is a ‘God given right’, and of the craziest things instead of being privileges. It is our God given right to die, want to? In the state I lived in, it’s even legal with… Seek More

Intimacy Says Us


Is intimacy an abandonment of your own thoughts and your own will? No, it isn’t, and can’t be. There is no intimacy if you become a non presence, but in intimacy your ego is jeopardized because it leads to very… Seek More

Harming None


The topic is indulgence. At first, I want to start by distinguishing between indulgence and compulsion. Compulsory behaviour is actually very common. A lot is even considered normal thus “common sense”, but it reflects a degeneration of human awareness on all… Seek More

Sincerity of Darker Things


Many people feel they have to feel bad when someone dies. They are very insincere. I was happy that my Gran passed away. She was so sick for a long time. It was her right to have the relief. Sorry… Seek More

New Gods


There are two basic realms of our archetypes. The genetic, those that arise in our consciousness from our natural development, our natural hormonal inclinations, as well as our experiences of the natural world. Our body minds are naturally equipped to… Seek More

Reap What You Sow


What of your possession have so much worth that you would trade a life for them? Would you trade a life for your house? Having shelter is pretty important, but is it worth a life? I can name something I… Seek More

Our Inner Temple


The water that runs through our inner temple is the elemental will to live. We all, if only in our deepest darkest parts, have the idea that “I don’t want to die.” This spirit wells up through our inner temple… Seek More

First Taught


I have to ask. What is dignity? Your personal level of respect? Knowing your values and what you will accept or not and how you treat others. Expectations. Conducting oneself with good values and respect for self and others. Composure,… Seek More

Loving or Loved?


Where does all this concern for dignity come from? We want to be loved? Be loved without being the person who needs the love? Self-defeating situation, no? We are social creatures. Even the lone wolves seek out other lone wolves.… Seek More

Does Dignity Enrich?


If you are not clear on what it feels like for you personally to love something, could you know if you were loved? If you never felt the overwhelming urge to clutch that teddy bear or blanket as a child,… Seek More