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Limitations of Rational Thought


It seems one of the significant stumbling blocks in both spiritual and practical matters is how we have been conditioned to think “rationally.” We are led to believe that by breaking things down to ideas we label as “facts” that… Seek More

Backdrop of Confucianism


There were two broad schools of thought in Chinese belief, naturalistic and legalistic. The Taoists were an example of the naturalistic school using nature and allegorical stories to focus on observations of the way the world works in general. Confucianism… Seek More

Impact of Scientism


Is the sole purpose of most religions to explain the universe and crowd control? Hmm, yes, except for explaining the universe. Religion sets up a paradigm that supports the temporal authority of that institution whatever body politic. Religion as a primitive… Seek More

Witchcraft: A Natural Magic


It’s actually quite interesting how very far from gone witchcraft is. It wasn’t really shamanism, and wasn’t driven by a tribal view of nature. The phrase old wives tales for example. It does not always refer to the lore of… Seek More

Sexual Values


The idea of the matriarchal society is strong in a lot of cultures. Matriarchy by spiritual and not military leadership and the two coexisting. In the Yezidi culture (the non Islamic Kurds), women are not made to wear veils by… Seek More

Education to Empower


There is the fear of insecurity and to choose is to change. To choose is to admit you needed to choose. That something had to change. People fear this like it was a threat to their own lives and to… Seek More

Human Integrity


Choice is both very simple (perhaps one of the most simple things in life), and honestly also one of the most aggravating, frightening, complex things we do in life. The way we are brought up to view choice and to… Seek More

Pure Souls


Jainism, for being a minority faith, has had a seemingly inordinate impact on Hindu culture and Indian culture in general. Even leading to the Sikh movement with the addition of Islam to India. Part of which was the impact of… Seek More

Learning, Education, Enlightenment


When I give my talks I tend to just go with the flow of inspiration, regrettably it means I sometimes “leave no trace”, even in my own mind. I like the format of these discussions, going with the flow. It… Seek More

Fabric of Reality


The negative impact of the human mind on the fabric of reality. Thought is viral. Human thought tends to be negative so it is self perpetuating. Someone gets a pessimistic attitude about their life or a business, and that has… Seek More