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Balance, the middle way, we hope to list toward it. At times, it seems that we do not. Often because we fear we are wrong. Like fumbling for a needed object in the dark, we go too far one way… Seek More

Relationship with Religion


Can people have a healthy relationship with religion? Yes, they can. The word religion comes from the latin word “religio” meaning a body of practices. Religion is like meditation. It’s the social aspect of factionalism. It is false identification (to… Seek More

Path in Hinduism


Hinduism is actually a blanket term for multiple spiritual paths. A common disposition among those who pursue most of the schools is that they don’t have a salvationist view. Most of them are more concerned with understanding as individuals than… Seek More

Gods and Divine Potential


What is the ‘god’ structure in Hinduism? That differs, but there are some principles across the board. One is the concept of a universal spirit called by many names, but not in a divisive way. More as a recognition of… Seek More

Names of Satan


How did Satan as a figure get into the Christian story? It stems from a schism in Semitic faiths, and the catholic or “universalist” agenda of early Christianity. This schism in Semitic faiths echoed even in Egyptian religion. This is… Seek More

Working with Chakras: Part IV


The ‘Working with Chakras’ series of posts is an interview of a conversation on the chakras. What they are, and how you can work with them. We hope you find it of value in furthering your understanding of energy and… Seek More

Karma and Liberation in Jainism


Jainism is a religion of Indian origin, but with a minority following that may be the oldest example of an ascetic religion in the world, and does still exist today. It shares many concepts with Vedantism, also known as Vedic… Seek More

Pure Souls


Jainism, for being a minority faith, has had a seemingly inordinate impact on Hindu culture and Indian culture in general. Even leading to the Sikh movement with the addition of Islam to India. Part of which was the impact of… Seek More

Path with No One End


Jains see every Jiva as being in a relationship to every other, including the angels and hell beings. Much of the imagery of the Buddha being confronted by demons comes from that belief.  But unlike more common beliefs, the angels… Seek More



There are so many ‘isms’ in this world (Communism, Islamism, Anarchism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, etc.). I think that those limit our awareness, and freedom? My own view of ‘isms’ is that if you are looking for “self” in an ism… Seek More