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Failure Demon


Failure is one of the biggest demons anyone faces, and poorly understood in part because people feel it has to be understood as they conceive of it. Natures wisdom gives us what are very natural negative feedback mechanisms, but in… Seek More

Desire for Love


We are not of our nature solitary creatures. When we feel lonely and make declarations of how we don’t need anyone, that isn’t about people. It’s about ourselves. We feel frustrated, so we try to deny that we have worth.… Seek More

Resentment Cripples


Resentment is an effort to address what has passed, and you cannot influence. It keeps you very much trapped in ego, and keeps you from maintaining much of what you value and want to keep in life, let alone new… Seek More

Empty Success


There are those who jumped every hurdle, play the game perfectly, and none of it was ever them. They learn the game really well, but because they weren’t coming from that place inside of them they succeeded to fail. It… Seek More

Let Your Heart Sing


Is his love good enough? Never enough of it? There is never enough of it, and that’s why relationships last a lifetime. This is good. For your center in your relationship, remember that. Remember the love he gives and give yours.… Seek More

Source of Loneliness


Loneliness is interesting. People who are experiencing what they call loneliness say it’s because there are few or inadequate people in their circle of acquaintance/friendship/love, but how many people are out there that seem socially and emotionally very well connected,… Seek More

Lack of Self


Emotion is not synonymous with awareness, so loneliness is an absence of recognizable feedback about the “self”, a.k.a. the ego. When a little boy or little girl are out playing in the yard, I mean a young one, maybe with… Seek More

Reality Checking


How is not being lonely due to a correct identity superior to a conditioned sense of existing where one does not question and find they are alone? Is a suspicion of false identity necessarily present? Ok, let’s get reductionistic. The… Seek More

The Uncarved Block


Identity is innate, but it is not properly nurtured. The te as the Taoists say, the virtue of the uncarved block, is denied. Some children even before any conditioning are very physical and explorative, others are more observational and quiet.… Seek More

Own Self Be True


How can one to their own self be true? You can sit. At least for moments you can sit and practice non-doing. You can let things go for moments, and as you do this repeatedly the insight gained carries on.… Seek More