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Principle of Affinity


There is a principle of affinity. To see another level you do have to achieve a resonance with it. There does seem to be a bit of glorification of this and I think the reason would be that some levels… Seek More



Lately I am dealing with a severe case of ennui. Existential boredom. How can that be? So much knowledge to learn? The disciplines of the mind reduce to exercising human perception. This is starkly limited and easily exhausted. From basic… Seek More

Our Dark Side


There is a dark side to may popular attitudes that people deny, and in fact everything we think and do is symbolic. Even with the more “normal” types. Some say suicide is by no means symbolic, but indeed it is.… Seek More

What is Mortification of the Flesh?


Mortification of the flesh means putting the flesh to death. It has been and is still practiced in all cultures in some way across the world, though the exact intention and result is often different. There is a lot of… Seek More

Addiction vs. Practice


Mortification of the flesh to what purpose, dis-identification? Yes, indeed.  When people still undertook it with the proper intent, but it has no merit if it’s merely a self destructive act. Are there not other ways less destructive to dis-identify?… Seek More

Practices of Mortification of the Flesh


To speak more on mortification of the flesh practices, they often show that there is more to us than our desires. Practices served as rites of passage, much like tribal ritual scarification. It still is practiced in the Opus Dei.… Seek More

Experience over Practice


Are you advocating for self-mortification? No. I am advocating experience. No one practice. When you are impassioned, and begin cleaning house despite physical fatigue, you restructure your whole living space. You ache miserably after pushing yourself so hard, but from… Seek More

Natural Rhythm


An example of a modern mortification of the flesh is caffeine. It tends to make us feel very alert, but also uncomfy.  However, it is so taken for granted that it is little questioned in general, and we schedule our… Seek More

Feeling Safe


It is safe to say that both mortification of the flesh and the stock market crash are manifestations of something. We learn by testing. We learn by trial, and in the past there have been trials of all kinds. Now we… Seek More

Religion as Addiction


Is religion a new addiction of self image? Often times it is, from my observation. This is why modern organized religion is so troubled. In one case, I was taking my son to a daycare, very religious people and thought… Seek More