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Networking Reality


A big part of why empathy suffers in today’s society is that they think they see the other’s view. But they put themselves into their own construct. That isn’t empathy. It’s actually pretty depersonalizing. They cannot even see themselves, feel… Seek More

Mind and Hypnosis


Everyone is insane to some extent, and without an awareness of that “potential” insanity, then people do unconscious things. Entropy affects everything. Order can be destructive. Chaos can be constructive. Does our subconscious control our conscious? No. The subconscious and… Seek More

The One Point


The daemons are not the monsters even in angelic lore. The idea that angels are creatures of beauty and demons horrible monsters is false. Those who tend the darkness are truly kindly but the big scare isn’t demons, it’s yourself.… Seek More

What Spirits to Ask?


Just as you wouldn’t ask me about Europe (me being an American and not well traveled), you should focus any spirit communication on spirits connected to what you seek to understand. That “live there”, so to speak, since omniscience is… Seek More

Gods and Divine Potential


What is the ‘god’ structure in Hinduism? That differs, but there are some principles across the board. One is the concept of a universal spirit called by many names, but not in a divisive way. More as a recognition of… Seek More

Form of Faith


What’s my religion, if I have one? Officially I don’t, or perhaps in the strictest sense of the word religion I do. I adopt a Gnostic view and see the spirit and the universe as one, however you choose to… Seek More

Cooperating with our Strengths


We have to cooperate with others, but you aren’t cooperating if some principle mandates it. You co-operate when you are still being you, and working with the other who is who they are. Some say we have to compromise but… Seek More

What are Omens?


Omens are phenomenon that occur independently of any “practice” you might be involved in. They are like the little signs that occur before a quake or volcanic eruption or a violent storm, and this is part of how you can recognize an… Seek More

Co-Creation with Spirits


There is co creating with specific non-incarnated entities. It is common, and it is the foundation of concepts that motivate things like Japanese filial piety. They work with us all the time. They tend to work more than we do. The… Seek More

Truth in Virtual Reality


We live in one world. This world as we make it isn’t false. The flesh and blood world is out of flesh and blood, but we didn’t make those. We didn’t make the world. We didn’t even make our real… Seek More