Articles containing "Purity"

Experience of Passion


The subject is passion including the much reviled “passions”. They usually speak of them in right hand and left hand paths. One school of thought is that passions are only stumbling blocks preventing peace. The teachings of the right hand path… Seek More

Rest and Recreation


The search for rest is what takes so many people into substance abuse. To take a break from their inner chaos. The process that leads to addiction is not “evil” in the person. We do even the harmful things because… Seek More

Taoist Practice


There are many allegories in Taoism and much like Greek Gnosticism it is heavily experience based, though there are a body of philosophers, referred to as sages, who are viewed as having deep insight into the Tao, like Chuang-Tzu and… Seek More

Our Dark Side


There is a dark side to may popular attitudes that people deny, and in fact everything we think and do is symbolic. Even with the more “normal” types. Some say suicide is by no means symbolic, but indeed it is.… Seek More

Yin and Yang


You may seek surrender yet people don’t seem willing to let you, and they accuse you of not being responsible so you obey. But in obeying that, you disobey your spirit who needs the surrender to be whole. Where you… Seek More

Night Dwellers


Channelling is usually involuntary. Like those of flesh and blood they want me to do stuff, but don’t want to compensate nor return favours. So I’m generally resistant. But with someone yammering in your ear even if you ignore them…… Seek More

Experience of Peace


I would love to experience that feeling of peace again, that we all had often as a child. Just being outside looking at whatever and feel exactly as you are supposed to feel. I can’t put it into better english.… Seek More

Spiritual Body


I watch human beings traverse the astral a lot. They are sort of sleep walking. On the level I call home, the metaphysical and here, there is really one important factor. The concern is this. Often people experience something on… Seek More

Darkness Can Liberate


Darkness consumes, and it can also liberate. Tolle himself had his realization in a time of darkness. Darkness is not all bad, it is part of the whole. It’s an awareness on an encompassing level. If you cut your hand… Seek More

What Would Jesus Do?


When Jesus went into his meditative retreat, it came to mind that he could claim power. He was being heralded as the next King of Israel, as well as the messiah, and he confronted these. He didn’t just ward himself… Seek More