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Many Minds in a Single Soul

In a sense, I am of two minds. It is even the focus of our MySpace comment. There are many minds in a single soul, but in truth reconciling I am of one mind. They say love is a law,… Seek More

Failure Demon


Failure is one of the biggest demons anyone faces, and poorly understood in part because people feel it has to be understood as they conceive of it. Natures wisdom gives us what are very natural negative feedback mechanisms, but in… Seek More

Resentment Cripples


Resentment is an effort to address what has passed, and you cannot influence. It keeps you very much trapped in ego, and keeps you from maintaining much of what you value and want to keep in life, let alone new… Seek More

Empty Success


There are those who jumped every hurdle, play the game perfectly, and none of it was ever them. They learn the game really well, but because they weren’t coming from that place inside of them they succeeded to fail. It… Seek More

Give what you Value


My own “mentality” is considered defective, but other people give what they don’t care about more often than what they do. For example, those who give money because they can, and it doesn’t really matter to them, are often pulled… Seek More

Learn from Feeling


Centering is one of those so simple it seems impossible sort of things, but in fact centering is as simple as forgetting to breath. People tend to have breathing trouble not because they forget to breath, but because they are… Seek More



You will abusively cuddle and play with your one year old? Because you selfishly want to see smiles and laughter? Impose a doctrine of happiness and learning by mistakes? Heretic! You worry about the state of the world for them… Seek More

Roles Are Not Being


The human brain has a function. It’s always ongoing and subconscious, and it’s often called reality testing. It checks input in the moment against repetitive patterns of input.  Like scanning the environment while driving, if everything is going as you… Seek More

Hand in Change


Who is actually fascinated with their own minds? Because your mind is your world, and you are response able people. If you would have a hand in change then realize that what you have, and what you feel, is where you… Seek More

Views of Pride


Pride is really sort of a controversial topic. We are warned against pride, like we will become our own Mr. Hyde if we take any enjoyment in what we are about, or what we do of our own free will. Yet people… Seek More